Powered by the latest generation of Intel processors, every new MacBook is even faster than the previous generation.Right out of the box, you can have a video chat with friends or family, record a video at your desk, or take fun pictures.MacBook makes it easy to hit the road thanks to its tough polycarbonate case, built-in wireless technologies, and innovative MagSafe Power Adapter that releases harmlessly if someone accidentally trips on it.Treat yourself or your friends to a show – hear music, view photos, or watch videos on your MacBook’s ultra bright widescreen display from across the room.

3 thoughts on “Apple MacBook 13″ Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz, 2GB, 120 Gb Hard Drive, Wi-fi, Camera, Mac Os 10.6 Snow Leopard and Ilife (2006 Model)

  1. Lynn Rossini says:

    Vintage imac laptop Apple MacBook13″ Intel Core Duo 1.83ghz, 2GB Hard Drive, Wi-fi,… Unsuspecting buyers of computers beware, and do your research before purchasing a computer. This company DID NOT use the word VINTAGE to list the lap top that they advertised FOR SALE, on AMAZON. Thus, when I received it in mid October of 2013, it appeared to be a good thing. However, by late December, the pin hole that lights up on the power cord that plugs into the laptop, to indicate that the power cord is charging the battery in the PC, began intermittently not lighting up. I thought that the power cord needed replacing, because the light on the cord, at the power source on the laptop stopped lighting up at all. I found out via the net that a place in CA, had a cord to sell me ha ha. The place shipped the cord, and I received it in a weeks time. The problem seemed remedied, for about a month, but then I had the same problem, only this time the battery went dead. So, I purchased a battery from Amazon.com where I purchase just about everything I own. This remedied the problem for a…

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