ASUS; EEEBOOK; E403SA-US21; Metallic Grey: 14″ FHD (19201080); Intel Braswell N3700 Quad Core 1.6Ghz (Turbo up to 2.4Ghz); 4GB DDR3; 128GB EMMC; Windows 10 (64bit) Signature Edition; 802.11AC; VGA Camera; Bluetooth 4.0

3 thoughts on “ASUS VivoBook E403SA-US21 14″ FHD lightweight Laptop, Intel Quad Core 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Win10, Hairline brushed Metal

  1. B. Stout says:

    Premium Budget? Is that a thing now? I didn’t know that was a thing. But it works out! The Asus Vivobook E403SA is twice the price of the other “wow that’s a cheap Windows laptop” laptops. What do you get for that price hike?1. Twice the number of CPU cores. It does come out to just about exactly twice as powerful as the N3050 that’s in a ton of the $200 models.2. 30% stronger GPU3. A 1080p display which is pleasantly matte and very sharp.4. A lot more storage. You usually get 32gb with the $200 models, sometimes 64gb for a few bucks extra. This has 128gb.5. Improved battery – most laptops half this price run for 8-12 hours, and this does indeed run for right around 14 hours.6. Twice the RAM. It helps, especially when we’re talking 2gb vs 4gb.7. One USB Type-C port supporting quick charging. This IS going to matter a lot more in a few years.Other strengths worth noting: The screen bezel is rather nice, it’s notably thinner than any competitors I’ve found. It’s very thin and quite light, without being…

  2. TimTime says:

    Nice, not perfect This is a very nice laptop. I bought the Microsoft signature edition which comes with no bloatware. Basically barebones Win10 which is what you want. Not sure if this one from Amazon has any bloat or not. I own a x205a which is a little 11.6 Asus and I really like Asus laptops. I’m very happy with the smaller laptop I have but I wanted a bit bigger screen and something a little more upscale.First things first. Here’s a tip I learned from the X205a. Uninstall the Asus splendid video utility. It makes the screen look washed out. Once you do that your screen will become very colorful the way your graphics card intended. You can always download the utility from the website if you did in fact like it. The screen is matte, HD 1080P. I find it very impressive. The angles aren’t the greatest and it sure looks better at 100 percent than 50 percent. If you want long battery life, go for 50 percent. You’ll get use to it.The processor is quad core and does very well. Not…

  3. P.A. says:

    Great value, great full-HD screen & battery life I received this laptop yesterday, so these are my first impressions. First, pleasantly surprised by the build, sleekness and especially the light weight of this device. It is incredibly thin, yet has a full-size keyboard, a 14″ screen AND ultra-high definition (1080) instead of the usual 760 pixels of most laptops in this price range. Believe me, the extra pixels make a huge difference in viewing webpages, and when I look at my previous laptop (Toshiba Satellite, also a great laptop), the difference is huge. The setup of my windows account was seamless, the computer is very responsive, and the 4GB RAM is more than enough for my typical uses (Word processing, spreadsheets, web surfing and e-mail). Also, programs load very quickly, much more so than with my 2-year old Toshiba. Despite its small size, the Asus E403SA is very functional, has a regular size hdmi port (for projectors or a TV screen), plus 3 usb ports and room for an SD Card (which may come in handy given the relatively…

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