Dell Chromebook 11 11.6″ Notebook – Intel Celeron 2955U 1.40 GHz – Silver, Black 730-8301 Laptops & Notebooks

3 thoughts on “Dell Chromebook 11 11.6-inch

  1. Manzoor Ahmad says:

    Great Computer, Best-in-class Chromebook THE REVIEW:I have been researching about Chromebooks for a whieI decided to purchase this Chromebook due to positive reviews (the Verge called it the best Chromebook), and the Intel Celeron + 4GB of RAM. This is a very fast computer, pulling up image-heavy sites within a second or less. It also looks very nice; the lid sports a clean look, and the charcoal color makes the computer look professional. Build quality is among the best I’ve seen on any other Chromebook; there are no creaks and there is no hollow sound when clicking the trackpad, unlike the Acer C720 Chromebook. The keyboard is wonderful, especially for a machine this size; the keys are very springy, and offer great key travel. The trackpad is great as well; it is the perfect size, and works well (especially for the touch gestures in Chrome OS). The screen is pretty standard; it isn’t 1080p, but for this size, it is perfectly adequate. However, there is on thing about the display that I should mention; there is glass…

  2. _RST says:

    Fourth Chromebook I’ve owned, and favorite so far! I started in Chromebooks with the CR-48. I was lucky enough to get one of the original Chromebooks from Google before anyone else was making them.From there I was ready for something a little bit slimmer, so I tried the 2013 Samsung Chromebook 11.6. It looked shaped like a Macbook Air 11, but it had motherboard problems and wouldn’t stay turned on. Sometimes it wouldn’t even boot. I had to send it back. The keyboard and touchpad on that one didn’t feel the best.Next I had an HP Chromebook 14, and it arrived missing a SIM card for the 4G and I ended up returning it. It was big, made nicely and thin, but had a terribly spongy click on the touchpad– think about the cheapest mouse you’ve ever used… the click was just imprecise.I did more research and realized that the Dell Chromebook was getting rave reviews to the point that Dell restricted sales to Education customers only. I was more and more interested and ended up finding one on another website…

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