Great performance in a slim, light notebook that’s ready for work. ThinkPad E550 notebook has remarkable performance, exceptional mobility and outstanding features for business.

3 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E550 20DF0030US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

  1. Amazonreviews10 says:

    Great Computer for the Price!! Now honestly I’d give it a 4.5 but Amazon doesn’t have that option, it isn’t a perfect laptop but does have mostly positive attributes and is probably one of the best choices in this price range. There are a few flaws, as any cheap laptop will have but overall, and for the price (~$500), it is a bargain.Pros:-It is fast: 5th gen i5 processor, 7200 rpm HDD (most computers in this price range have a 5400)-Runs cool so far (and from reviews I’ve seen there aren’t too many problems with newer Lenovo’s after their overheat problems of a couple years ago and never any serious problems with the E550 model). I have ran the computer as much as 6 hours and the vent is putting out basically room temp air, only slightly warmer. It does have a vent on the side and some at the bottom so I’d assume it will remain pretty cool. I run the computer at max performance and it usually runs at around 40C during my average use, my max has been 58C which is a good low heat for a 105C max…

  2. Stew says:

    Best laptop for under $550 So far soooo good!I needed a new laptop for home business purposes.- It had to be under under $550- Have an i5 CPU- Decent enough graphics- Removable battery (stupid laptops these days are mostly inaccessible)- Good Battery Life (my neighborhood has frequent power outages)- 15 inch screen- Sturdy body and hinges (I have two acer laptops with broken hinges)- Ethernet port- HDMI and VGA- Expandable RAM- Replaceable HDD- Fast HDD- Good and large Keyboard- Decent Webcam and Mic- Windows 7 (I’m sick and tired of Windows 8)- It didn’t need to be portable, have a 1080 screen, touchscreen, SSD, Video game graphics, weigh 2 pounds, be 0.5 inches thin, super flexible screen, etcThis Laptop checked every requirement I had and included a few extra bonuses like:- AMAZING battery life. Dang this thing lasts forever- CD Drive. I use a CD once a year but…

  3. Uker laying says:

    Restoring my faith in Windows machines. I’ve had this computer for about three weeks and everything has been great so far. Machine runs quiet and cool. It’s very solidly built and I have great confidence that this machine will provide great durability. I know that metal chassis are all the rage nowadays, I’m not much a fan of them anyway, and the material of the plastic chassis has a soft enough feel to the skin to be inviting for touch. The keyboard is excellent and I LOVE the number pad. I’d read in online reviews that the inclusion of the number pad made the keyboard a little cramped, but I don’t find that to be the case at all. I find the board size quite comfortable even for my fairly sizable hands (XL glove size). Key feel is very good for comfortably speed typing away.Battery life is phenomenal. My experience has shown six hours of continuous off-charger usage at least twice, with one of those instances mostly being a Netflix binge session. Truly incredible. Overall performance is very good. My…

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