Software That Listens for Lies
But also like Miss Marple, Julia Hirschberg, a professor of computer science at Columbia University, may spell trouble for a lot of liars. That's because Dr. Hirschberg is teaching computers how to spot deception — programming them to parse people's …
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USB Powered XENT™ SCENTDRIVE™ Helps Computer Users Relax, Energize or Focus.
Unlike other plug-in fragrance devices, Xent ScentDrive is completely portable and durable, because its power source is the USB port on a laptop or desktop computer and it can be used in the power outlet of any automobile, with Xent's car charger to …
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Explaining the computer communication
By Dean Close · 4:07am December 3rd, 2011 · 22 hours ago It is difficult, at times, to explain how computers work, and why they don't. As computer users, most of us only know that it's exasperating when we do everything the computer (and computer …
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