13.3″ HD (1366×768) / Intel i3-2367 (1.4Ghz) / 4GB DDR3 / Intel HD Graphics / 320GB (W/ 24GB SSD reserved for Instant On) / Windows 7 Home Premium /802.11AGN + WIDI / CMOS HD Camera / Bluetooth 4.0 / Backlit Keyboard / 1YR Global Warranty / 1YR Accidental Damage / 30-Day Zero Bright Dot /2-way FREE shipping / 24-7 tech support

3 thoughts on “ASUS Zenbook UX32A-DB31 13.3-Inch Ultrabook

  1. D. Morgan "danstah" says:

    Awesome laptop at an amazing price! This laptop may only have an i3 but it still is really fast. Its super light and really well built. The screen looks great.One important thing I did that made this laptop even more of a deal was to:Format the SSD drive and install Windows on it. This allows the laptop to boot to Windows all on the SSD and really speeds everything up. It also clears up any asus bloatware and allows you to install only what you need. Also after installing Office and some other key programs to the SSD, and turning of the page file and hibernation I have 11gb free. Other than that I plan to install most programs on the traditional hdd.The other thing I did was put a 8gb stick of ram in it ($44). This may or may not have been necessary but it can’t hurt to have a total of 10gb of ram.Overall this laptop is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. Installing Windows on the SSD and still having the large traditional hdd really gives you the best of both…

  2. transatlantic82 says:

    Gives a great first impression but sadly flawed for me I’ve had this for about a week now and unfortunately posted a glowing review before I had a good amount of time with this laptop. I suppose that is because it looks so fantastic that it really does give you a great first impression.Here are some issues I have found:1. FAN NOISEInitially I said it was practically silent. The fan noise itself is not bad. However the fans on my laptop seem to turn on and off with too little time in-between cycles. It becomes quickly annoying to hear the fan power up, stay on for 10 (sometimes 5!) seconds and then power down for ten seconds then power up again etc. Having said that I am particularly sensitive to fan noise. Most other people would probably be happy with it – just stay clear if you have sensitivity to fan noise like me.2. SCREENThere is a haze on the screen that is very irritating and hard on the eyes. It also distorts photos slightly in my opinion. I guess that is the price of a matt…

  3. kallisti5 says:

    Great Ultrabook for the price! This is a wonderful Ultrabook. The machine feels sturdy and rigid with its great metal shell. There is *no* flex on the keyboard and the display glides easily. Asus payed attention to detail on this machine, from the well placed USB 3.0 ports to the nice rubber gasket around the screen (to seal the keyboard + screen when closed) This laptop has a great UEFI implementation without all the mess of the Windows 8 SecureBoot. (it ships with Windows 7)The only cons I really have for this laptop are: * Erratic Synaptics trackpad. The thing has the tendency to go crazy if you rest one two many fingers near it. * Lots of software keys. You have to have Windows running + the proper drivers loaded or the screen brightness + keyboard brightness keys don’t function. * Linux support is hit-or-miss given how new the chipsets are. * Lots of shovelware pre-installed. I recommend tossing the restore image and loading your own OS ASAP.One selling point…

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