HP Slate 17-l010

2 thoughts on “HP Slate 17-l010 All-in-One (Snow White) (Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat)

  1. John W. Graham says:

    A large but impressive tablet The Slate 17-l010 showed up on my doorstep packed in an outer cardboard box. The inner product box contains a power cord, quick start fold-out and the Slate.My Slate arrived with no battery charge which is expected. I plugged in the Slate, powered on and the rest was self-explanatory. The OS walks you through the setup and you quickly arrive at the home screen.Part of the setup requires a WiFi connection. The Slate connected to my WiFi signal with no issues. By the way, this device supports 5GHz (dual band) and it connected to my 5GHz signal at full speed. The device also supports WiFi Direct.A Google account is highly recommended which gets you access to the Google Play Store for Apps. Downloading apps is quite easy.The tablet is quite large and weighs in at 5.42 pounds. It might be too large to take on a plane (in coach class) unless you give up your tray table and kind of large to carry around the house too. I ended up setting mine…

  2. Natalie V. Galasso says:

    Love the screen. First thing I thought when I opened this was “God this would make a amazing windows or apple tablet”. I’ve never been a android girl, but this screen is magnificent and the white is really tempting. The typing is easy to do considering the large screen. Really easy, actually. Moving on to the apps. I went in to download some media apps. Hulu. Netflix. Xfinity. Fios. FX. CW. “Amazon Prime Video”. Had some problems with Amazon video. Apparently that wasn’t going to happen. Otherwise I went in to play HungerGames on Netflix and was amazed. I did notice the Beats speakers were not as superior as I suspected. Or expected considering. Beats. But I have a Bluetooth speaker for anything else I may need. I went on to download the game family guy since it’s halloween and there’s a android only quest for slimer. Activated that and noticed a bit of lag compared to my iPad. But I wouldn’t be using a tablet like this for games anyway, only media. I went along to download one…

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