3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface 64GB Tablet

  1. MzzA says:

    Awesome low-priced tablet for having fun! I am NOT a techy person, I have no idea or care about the complex “big worded language” of the specs or whatever… I think if you are buying this item, you are an average Joe Shmoe, like myself, and just want a fun, portable little tablet. So no fancy review here !!This is actually my second Surface. I have had the first one (32GB) since it debuted and really love it. I use it all the time at home for Prime movies, FaceBook,Kindle reading, Netflix and general surfing of the web. (For Kindle Books — this is FABULOUS… nice big screen) It has a so-so camera which is reversible and video quality is pretty decent. There are NO wonderful graphics here — it’s fairly basic (again, i’m the average Joe Shmoe)NEVER had a security issue, never one virus or mal-ware problem. Everything is built right into this — the Windows Defender (virus protection) works just fine, in my opinion. Again, not a techy — if you want extra anti-virus, pick up the free…

  2. Bill McLean "Wait! Do the math before bying ... says:

    GRAB IT I got my surface (refurbished) 64GB for only $199.00 including Prime free shipping. It was just that – no case and no external keyboard. I am delighted with this deal. It looks and functions as new. It truly is as advertised. It is all the good things that have been published on-line, and only few criticisms are even a little true. It is more than worth the original suggested retail price. Grab it refurbished.Amazon is probably the best overall on-line retailers at this time. But we must keep them honest. There is always the temptation to grab extra profits. So always shop around – even with local stores. I pinch every penny until it screams. You too should do the same. Technology is moving fast.UPDATE: 03/26/14The best thing is happening: Thoughtful people can now write, and have published and distributed, solutions for real world problems. Not just for commerce, but also for science and everyday life. I am glad about Google, Amazon…

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