One thought on “OmniTAB 8″ Full HD Pro Quad Core Windows 10 Tablet PC w/Keyboard [1GB/32GB/WiFi/Bluetooth/IPS Display]

  1. Rick says:

    I actually love it!! Surprisingly great tablet for the priceBought this to as an inexpensive replacement for my Surface 3 tablet that recently stopped working. Other than the size being slightly smaller then the Surface, this tablet performs almost exactly the same. I wasn’t expecting much considering this is a sub $100 tablet but for the price… well, I honestly dont even miss the surface anymore. This omni tablet has all the same basic features, except less ram and Storage but in my real world testing, they perform almost identically. I was concerned about having only 1gb of ram on this tablet but it runs all of my apps just as quickly as the surface, at least to my untrained eye. The screen is bright and crisp after you turn up the brightness in settings. I thought it was just a cheap dim display, but once you crank up the brightness it’s clear as day. Touch works good and is responsive and easy to use. The keyboard is a little small for my liking but gets the job done. You could also…

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