The KGB, the Computer and Me (Complete)

How do computer crime really work? What does the Internet look like? Find out if a one-time Berkeley hippie / astrophysicist turns detective and gets mixed with the CIA and KGB. NOVA follows computer detective Clifford Stoll as he pursues is a data thief through a maze of military and research computers. From 1990 Cliff Stoll website “The KGB, the Computer, and Me” IMDb Entry: “23” IMDb Entry: Karl Koch Tribute Website: www.hagbard- “23” – complete with English subtitles Spiegel TV: Karl Koch Documentary:
Video Rating: 4/5

25 thoughts on “The KGB, the Computer and Me (Complete)

  1. samsunguser2000 says:

    When I ordered, I asked him. He sent me some pictures of yourself holding the book that he had signed for me (with the text). I sent those to my children. : D

  2. samsunguser2000 says:

    I went to Cliff’s website and found it to sell a hard-cover edition of the Torch Song Trilogy (the book from which this movie was based). He signed it for me. My kids were overwhelmed; guess they are so geeky as I am. : D

  3. hormelinc says:

    Paul Murray at 10:05 clock was a very good friend of my father. I have to tail along with Paul to building 50B (where they show Cliff before the data center terminal) care observed in the mid-70s, it is the old CDC 6600 and7600 mainframes. I loved “Baseball” on the 6600 console. This is regarded as the first raster graphics game.

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