One plus one is greater than two. The StoreJet 25M3 combines the shock-resistant qualities of Transcend’s award-winning rugged StoreJet M series with the SuperSpeed 5Gb/s interface bandwidth of USB 3.0, allowing users to enjoy ultra-fast file transfers and the highest level of anti-shock protection.

2 thoughts on “Transcend 1 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive – Military Drop Standards (TS1TSJ25M3)

  1. Mike From Mesa "MikeFromMesa" says:

    Works fine with one cable I bought this usb drive to use with my digital photos. I work on a laptop and, because I take raw digital images, I wanted someplace to store my photos off of my machine. The logical solution was, of course, an external usb drive but, since my cat loves to jump on my lap or on the sofa when I am working, I worried about the possible damage to the drive from sudden movements. This was my solution to that problem. After reading some of the reviews I assumed that I would need two cables, one for data and one for power, and that there would be two usb connections on the drive. So, first off, let me be clear about what is and what is not needed to use this drive.This drive itself has only a single usb 3.0 connection. The cable that comes with the drive is a Y cable with two connectors for the usb connections on the computer, but only one connection on the drive itself. As I said, the Y cable has two computer connections, but the wires are not the same. The thicker one is for…

  2. Kirk-RS says:

    Transcend StoreJet Military-Grade Shock Resistance 750GB portable HDD I have owned and used a number of portable USB 2.5in external hard drives over the years. This one looks like the best of the bunch, out of the box. It is by far the most solidly constructed, whisper quiet, and hardly gets luke-warm to the touch.I had some concerns about USB 3.0 because it requires a separate power cable to give the drive enough juice to take advantage of the speed. I don’t yet have a computer with USB 3.0, so I did not want to have to use the power cable for USB 2.0 transfers. Sure enough, the drive worked just fine on my old Dell E1505 laptop with just the data cable attached. The surprise came with my ASUS netbook. I often have to use a power cable to keep an external HDD connected. The Transcend works first time, every time, even when the…

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