iPearl mCover® Collection for PC Laptops

Product Highlights:
+ Designed to fit the 13.3-inch Toshiba Portege Z830 / Z835 / Z930 / Z935 series ultrabook laptops like
a glove to protect it against scratches and accidental damages
+ Compatible with the following models with
Dimensions (W x D x H Front/H Rear) of 12.44″ x 8.94″ x 0.33″/0.63″ with feet or 316mm x 227mm x 8.3mm/15.9mm with feet:
Z830-BT8300 Z830-S8301 Z830-S8302
Z830-SP3245L Z830-SP3245SL

Z835-P330 Z835-P360 Z835-P370 Z835-P372
Z835-ST6N02 Z835-ST6N03 Z835-ST6N05
Z835-ST8305 Z835-SP3201M Z835-SP3202M
Z835-SP3240L Z835-SP3241L Z835-SP3242L

Z930-Landis-PT235U-00600V Z930-Landis-PT235U-012002
Z930-S9301 Z930-S9302
Z930-SP3242L Z930-SP3242SL
Z930-SP3260M Z930-SP3260SM Z930-SP3261M Z930-SP3261SM
Z930-SP3304M Z930-SP3305M Z930-SP3308M Z930-SP3348L

Z935-P300 Z935-P390
Z935-ST2N01 Z935-ST2N02 Z935-ST2N03
Z935-ST3N01 Z935-ST3N02 Z935-ST3N03 Z935-ST3NX1

This case is NOT compatible with:
— 14-inch Toshiba Satellite U840 / U845 / U845W series ultrabook laptop
— any other 13.3″ Toshiba laptop

For dimensions of your laptop, please go to Toshiba’s website.

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