Belkin Conserve Socket – Energy Saving Outlet (F7C009q).Makes your home safer by automatically shutting off space heaters, curling irons, coffee makers.Can be used throughout home for multiple devices including fans, cell phone chargers, lights, kitchen appliances, electric toothbrushes.

3 thoughts on “Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet

  1. P. Colin McGraw "AV, Computer & EnviroTech Nut" says:

    A Simple, Well-Designed, Easy To Use Timer Switch With many “Conserve” products, Belkin doesn’t necessarily create a brand new concept with their creation, but they excel in design and execution!I am a fan of their remote-switch “Conserve” power strip, and I love this little gadget too.It’s essentially just a timer for an outlet, not unlike the you can find on Amazon, but Belkin greatly simplified the controls, and made it so the power timer is on-demand instead of on a schedule.Unlike the relatively complicated dials of some other timers, the controls on the Belkin Conserve Socket are pretty much idiot proof. There’s a switch on the site that lets you choose from one of three time increments (1/2 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours), then a button on top to start the timer. It then shuts itself off when the time elapses. That’s it! Easy.It’s perfect for keeping a lamp on while the kids go to sleep, for…

  2. John C. Briggs "John C. Briggs" says:

    Simpler and easier to use than a Kill-A-Watt The Belkin Conserve Insight is a very nice piece of hardware and has a number of advantages over the Kill-A-Watt. Firstly, there are three outputs.1) lbs/CO2 per year (or month)2) $/year (or month)3) WattsBoth the CO2 and $ setting can be adjusted to account for the cost and CO2 intensity for your local utility. Averaging. One very nice feature is that after 45 minutes, the Conserve Insight goes in to averaging mode and displays the projected CO2 and $ per year. This is excellent for appliances that are turned on and off like a laptop or a refrigerator. The Watt display, however does not average. It shows the realtime updates. Location, Location, Location: The small display for the Conserve Insight is located on the end of a 5 foot long cord. This is much better than the Kill-A-Watt that requires you to crawl on your hands and knees to get a reading. Also, the Conserve Insight is very nicely styled and looks great on a desktop…

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