Beyond Powerful Radio, the new edition of Creating Powerful Radio, is now available from Focal Press, complete with updated instructors manual. ISBN 9780240522241 



Creating Powerful Radio
For Managers, Programmers and Talent

* GROW AUDIENCES – Increase your ratings! LifeStage Demographics: Know your audience and how they listen.

* PROGRAMMING Build exciting programming – even on dull news days – with proven techniques to guide programmers and talent to the next level of performance.

* NEWS: Write, produce and deliver powerful news. Learn multiple version techniques and much more.

* PERSONALITY Identify winning talent. Develop strong air personalities. Learn to manage high ego talent and motivate your staff to do their best.

* TALK Secrets to improve your show. Learn powerful radio interview techniques and ways to make the talk win big.

* INFORMATION Break down the walls between news and entertainment radio. Creative methods to easily write and deliver complex, detailed stories or issues using the multi-version method.

* PROMOTIONS Learn methods to spread the word about your station and write powerful copy for more effective promos and commercials

* AIRCHECKING A comprehensive step-by-step guide to show prep and effective airchecking.

Valerie Geller is an internationally acclaimed broadcast consultant working with stations that emphasize news, talk, information and personality radio.

3 thoughts on “Creating Powerful Radio: Getting, Keeping and Growing Audiences News, Talk, Information & Personality Broadcast, HD, Satellite & Internet

  1. Alan Eisenson says:

    Essential Reading for all Broadcasters Valerie Geller is to personality radio what Mervin Block is to news writing. Reading this book is the fastest and best way to learn to successfully, deeply and intimately connect with your audience. No matter what format you’re in this book will help you grow ratings.

  2. R. Humphries "Rusty Humphries" says:

    As usual Valerie Geller hits it out of the park! Valerie Geller has a gift for breaking down the basics of broadcasting. While being on the radio seems like it is an easy task, Valerie Geller explains very important techniques for helping the beginner all the way up to the most seasoned pro. It is a way to think about radio as a larger medium, how to use the airways as a canvas, as an art. I highly recommend this and all of Valerie’s books to anyone interested in radio broadcasting. These books should be in all broadcast schools and radio stations, no matter how large the radio station is. We all need reminding of how to create powerful radio.

  3. Carol Archer says:

    “Powerful” is the operative word “Creating Powerful Radio” is the most comprehensive work I have read on how to win in radio, and a potent weapon in any radio broadcaster’s arsenal. It is well written and brimming with practical, real-world ideas that are easy to understand and implement. Its wisdom spans the nut-and-bolts to profound critical thinking rarely encountered in business today. For anyone who works, or aspires to work, in today’s competitive radio landscape, Geller’s essential intellingence should be required reading; if I had known in the late-1960s what I know now from reading “Creating Powerful Radio,” KFRC in San Francisco would probably still be a top 40 station with a 30-share.

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