i-Blason Armor box for Apple iPhone 7 is the perfect companion for your new device. Featuring a slim profile with dual layer armored protection, the i-Blason Armor box offers full body protection in a slim profile you’ll love. Protect your screen from unwanted scratches and accidental falls with included Built in screen protector that protects and increases touch sensitivity. Super slim, lightweight design gives you the protection you need and the comfort you want without the added bulk. Dotted inner pattern provides excellent shock absorption while the outer profile has the contemporary look and feel you’ll want to show off.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Case, i-Blason ArmorBox Daul Layer [Full body] [Heavy Duty Protection ] Shock Reduction / Bumper Case with built in Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7 2016 Release (Black)

  1. Wind Engineer says:

    Perfect Case but Rip out the Screen Protector This is an amazing case for the money. I had this exact case for my Iphone 6 for two years. Initially I bought it thinking that it would just hold me over until I decided on an Otter Box or some other more expensive case. Those other high durability cases add a lot of bulk to phone and this one does not, however I don’t think you sacrifice any protection with this case. Over the past two years I have dropped my phone a countless number of times. My daughters are currently 3 and 4 so for the past two years my phone was handled by 1 to 4 year old all the time. They dropped it, they flung it, they threw it and I have tile floors, let me say that again . . . TILE FLOORS. My iphone 6 looks perfect two years later so of course I went ahead and bought the iphone 7 case as soon as my new phone was ordered. I had no insurance the whole time and I lasted the two years with no issues at all.My personal recommendation is to rip out the screen protector as soon as you get this…

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