If you are fed up trying to find lost items, then you need, Where’s the Remote? key & remote finder. Use the receivers for your remotes, keys, ipad or whatever you consistently lose. If you lose your remote, keys, cell phone, pets or any other item, just push the button on the transmitter and the corresponding colored receiver will begin beeping! Its signal will penetrate through drawers, cushions, pillows, or even walls making it easy to find lost items. I have it on my cell phone, remotes and keys! Included is a double-sided sticky adhesive, which makes it convenient for attaching the receiver to your remotes or any item you lose or you can use the key ring. And you won’t lose the transmitter, because Velcro is also included: attach the smooth side to the transmitter and the rough side to the back of the TV, side of the refrigerator or wherever it’s convenient for you to store your transmitter. You won’t have to look for the transmitter, as it will always be placed where you last stuck it!
All batteries included!
Transmitter:27A 12 Volt 23-944)
Receivers: (3Volt CR-2032),
Operation:Press and hold one transmitter button. May have to hold up to 5 seconds to “wake” up receiver from battery save mode. Listen/Look for receiver to beep/flash.
Receive distance: Up to 60 feet
Receiver volume: 85-90 DB
Transmit frequency: 433.92 MHz

3 thoughts on “Key Finder by “Where’s the Remote?” LLC Wireless RF Transmitter & Receivers, Remote Locator, Wallet, Pet, Cell phone

  1. Daniel T. Egnor says:

    Actually works (unlike some competitors!); has some limitations. You know if you want something like this — maybe you have an elderly parent, or kids/pets/spouse that constantly rearrange everything, or (like me) you would lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on. If you’ve ever joked “I wish there was Google for real life, so I could Google my car keys” then you’re one of us!There are a variety of “remote-finder” or “key-finder” products, mostly from no-name brands (like this one), and they all have vaguely infomercial-like pitches. It’s mostly the same idea — a widget that beeps when you press a remote locator. I’ve tried several, and this is my favorite. Here’s why:* It actually works. Many of the competitors basically won’t beep unless the remote is within a couple feet, which is useless. Some of the competition was DOA and wouldn’t activate at all. This product works reliably (see below for range notes).* The battery life is reasonable (see below for analysis). Many of the competitors started dying after a…

  2. R. Smith says:

    Has already saved hours of frustration I got this because my wife often misplaces keys and wallets, and I thought this might help. Well, it has!What I like about this key finder:First of all, the receivers are unobtrusive. They are pretty flat, and not very large. One fits into the wallet we were always losing without creating much of a bulge. The ones I have put on keychains are not much bigger than most of the keys themselves, and hardly make the keychains much bigger.Second of all, the range and volume are very good. This is critical. One time we misplaced the wallet, and when I hit the finder I thought I could barely detect some beeping. After walking around the house a little, I quickly found the wallet upstairs, in our spare room, buried in a bag with swimming gear. This was probably 20-30 feet away and through the ceiling and a wall, as well as through the wallet itself! Not only did the unit respond, but it did so loudly enough to be heard. I hesitate to think, if we hadn’t had…

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