With multiple scene modes and video mode- taking pictures and videos you will want to share is easy with the KODAK EASYSHARE Camera, C1505. Simply press Kodak’s Share Button to e-mail or upload your favorite moments to FACEBOOK, KODAK Gallery and more all at once.

3 thoughts on “Kodak Easyshare C1505 12 MP Digital Camera with 5x Digital Zoom – Red

  1. J. Sundaram says:

    After Initial Shock – Camera is really good Here’s the thing – this camera does NOT COME with a memory card. So when you pull it out of the package – there are 2 batteries and you can take 1 (YES – ONE) picture. For novices – this means you must also buy an SD card – which granted is about $1 / per 1 GB (I bought an 8GB card here on Amazon). I think this is because “memory size” is a personal choice and since it effects overall price I sort of understand why the camera comes without… But my point is that it doesn’t exactly “work” out of the box. However, the camera, once I got a SD card, works really well. My 5 year old is the primary user – it seems to take great pictures for her – very easily. And the 5x zoom is great for really close up stuff that kids like. So overall, good camera, but you need 2 purchases – the camera and an SD card.

  2. Lil Angel says:

    Came in time for Christmas!! I bought this item to give as a gift for Christmas. It was shipped and delivered in less than a week, which was fantastic not worrying whether it would get here in time. It was a great price and I am very happy with the quality of the pictures. It has a slight delay from the moment you click the top and it takes the picture but it’s still better than some cameras I’ve had. This is a great starter camera, particularly for a teenager which is the one that received it.

  3. S. Salinas says:

    Horrible pictures I gave this camera to my mom for Christmas. I’ve used it as much as she has and I’ve been the one to transfer the pictures off the camera to the computer. She hates this camera and I’ve got to agree with her. The “easy share” is not so easy but she isn’t that concerned with that. It’s the quality of the pictures that is so horrible. They are so foggy. It looks like there is some type of film over the lens but I’ve cleaned it several times and it is still there. See the images I added to see what I’m talking about. Don’t waste your money on this camera.

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