Seiki 19-Inch Class 720p 60Hz LED HDTV

3 thoughts on “Seiki SE19HE01 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV (2013 Model)

  1. pennywyze says:

    An In-depth review about Seiki’s 32 inch LED tv Where to begin…where to begin? Well, I won’t bore the readers with a story; but here’s a little background info about this TV.This Black Friday, I had a choice between standing in line at Walmart and waiting for a 98 dollar Funai or being smarter and getting a 98 dollar Seiki TV on Amazon. The reason why I went with Seiki is because I have yet to run across a review for a Funai TV; and secondly, I’ve actually seen the Funai in action via a family member that got one. While the Funai wasn’t bad, it certainly lacked some of the connections and presented a less crisp image. Anyway, onto the review-TV build/Accessories-This Seiki 32 inch TV comes with a remote, 2 batteries, a stand that you’ll have to screw on with a Phillips head screwdriver (which is standard), an instruction manual and a one or two page colored diagram that shows all the TV’s features and connections. It could’ve come with an HDMI cable, but being that I own about 5 of them, it’s…

  2. DaveF says:

    Enable QAM Tuner for Better Picture & HD Channel Support Got this TV on thanksgiving night for $98 to use in an extra room. First one I received had a bad pixel but Amazon sent a new one to me really quick – be sure to check for stuck / dead pixels on your unit after initial setup.Once I received the 2nd unit, I hung it on the wall rather easily as the TV is so light. Then I hooked it up to the cable coax, I was off and running. The picture was not so great and I wasn’t getting high def channels. After a bit of googling, I found that the tuner necessary to get high def channels without a cable box comes disabled on this TV. After enabling the tuner it makes a giant difference. The TV goes from kind of washed out to looking great. (see below for directions)As far as the hardware goes, the tv is light, has a small bezel and is pretty good. The remote is kind of weak and feels flimsy but it does the job.How to enable QAM using the remote:1. Press Menu button2. Press 0 four times3…

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