Our HitLights LED Light Strip Kits are the perfect kits for anyone to get started with LED Strip Lighting. These simple kits include an LED light strip, a power adapter, and an RGB controller to make installation as simple as possible. This kit can be installed inside or outside depending on the version you choose, and is great for accent lighting, patio lighting, auto lighting, and more.

Product Components:
• 4 x 1 Foot HitLights RGB Color Changing SMD5050 LED Light Strip
• 4 x 1 Foot 4-Pin Connectors
• 1 x Power Adapter
• 1 x RGB Controller (Remote Included)

Installation Instructions:
• Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to
• Peel off the backing strip off the 3M adhesive tape
• Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
• Connect the 4-Pin input of the light strip to the 4-Pin output of the Controller
• Connect the DC jack output of the power adapter to the DC jack input of the Controller
• Remove the tab from the battery compartment of the remote control
• Connect your power adapter to your wall outlet. Your light strip is now ready to use.

HitLights has been selling LED products on Amazon for five years, and is the first Amazon Certified Brand to be UL Safety Approved. We are committed to being the best LED and strip light solution provider on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “HitLights Eclipse Pre-Cut Multicolor RGB Home Accent LED Tape Light Strip Kit – Includes Remote Control and Power Adapter – Four Pre-Cut One Foot Strips, Wire Mounting Clips and Connectors

  1. JJCEO says:

    Impressive functionality and special effects! I was completely blown away by the functionality of this LED lighting strip. This allows you to light 16 feet of length with any color of the rainbow you would like to use. It is ideal for creating special effects for your home or business and it is easy to install and use. I literally wired up the roll of LEDs in about 10 seconds.It comes with the following items:* A wall AC powered transformer with the ability to power two strips or up to 32 feet of led lighting.* A wiring instruction sheet* A controller instruction sheet* The 44 button controller* The IR pickup for the light strip* The roll of 150 LED lights that is 16 feet long* An extra connection pin that allows you to connect a second strip of LEDs to the first one.I won’t go over the remote control as the video does that much better than writing it all down. I was very impressed by the capability of the system to adjust and set the…

  2. Alekz says:

    Super easy to install led lights for the tv The product description for these led lights say there are meant to use as decoration around your kitchen and things like that, but I was looking for a set of led lights that could be install behind the TV. I look at other kits, but most of them require to cut the led strips and then solder some cables between them so you can go around the corners, or you can buy the bridges separately but where and extra expense. I finally order this kit. The package even has some extra stuff, maybe in case you broke something. I came with 9 pin connectors, 4 cable bridges, 4 led stripes with glue on the back, 1 control unit with an IR receiver and 1 power adapter. The first stripe goes to the control unit so you end with an extra cable and 2 extra pin connectors. I took me 5 minutes to install it in the back of the TV, first I remove the cover from the back of the first strip and glue it to the back of the TV, then I connect the rest of the strips with the pin connectors and the cables and the…

  3. B. Pearce says:

    Better than I expected The strip is nice and bright, and sticks easily to 2×4 boards in my garage next to the hot tub. The pre-set colors and automatic color changing are great for mood lighting, but what really impressed me was the ability to set your own custom colors.Here is how you can create custom colors:( 1 ) Press the button “DIY1”. That loads color preset 1.( 2 ) You can now manipulate the color as desired using the 6 Up/Down buttons.( 3 ) Press “DIY1” again to assign the current color to preset 1. Now, you can return to that color any time by pressing “DIY1” again.There are 32 individual brightness levels for each color (Red, Green, and Blue). With all colors at their maximum brightness, you have a white that is actually a bit brighter than the standard “White” button on the remote. Also, using the DIY colors, you can create much dimmer lighting than you can achieve with the presets and the brightness buttons at the top.Also, you can…

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