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3 thoughts on “LG Electronics 49LF5500 49-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2015 Model)

  1. CD "CD" says:

    Great value tv from lg I have currently had this in use for about a week. Picture quality is great for movies and tv, the colors are bright and sharp. The frame is silver and very thin, only about 1/2 inch around the sides and top. I am using the “standard” picture setting with minor adjustments. There are several pre set modes and 2 user defined modes which can all be customized. Overall this is a great value for the price, but it has no smart features or built in wifi. You will need to look at a higher model for those features. It has 2 hdmi inputs but the position of input 1 is poor and you may need a 90 deg adapter to use it if wall mounting. I am just using #2 which is easier to access. I cannot comment on the sound, as i use a home theater, but most tvs in this price range do not have good speakers so investing in a soundbar is usually a good idea. The sound can be turned off in the settings which is nice if you dont need it. The remote seemed basic to me, but i use a universal…

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