With the Samsung TV, you can watch sports not only at your convenience but also in the best way there is. The Sports Mode allows you to incorporate fantastic features and a shortcut to activate them all at once. Enhance picture and sound for your benefit, and watch every hit and goal with super clarity. Using an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm, Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Plus drastically improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details. By applying Clean View’s auto noise-removal technology, it removes digital and analog noise that is seen on the screen. The Analog Noise Filter enhances the picture quality by deleting visual noise from both air and cable sources. Sit back, relax and watch TV with the best clarity.

The Samsung 23.6-Inch LED Monitor T24D310NH delivers sharp, bright video performance in a sleek package. Samsung’s Clean View digital noise filter removes both digital and analog noise from over-the-air and cable sources. Wide Color Enhancer Plus improves overall image quality, while Sports and Game Mode options let you optimize your viewing experience. The ConnectShare Movie option lets you easily view images and videos from USB drives.

Samsung 28-Inch LED Monitor TD310NH Product Shot

Delivers sharp, bright video performance in a sleek package. View larger.

Samsung 28-Inch LED Monitor TD310NH Product Shot

Advanced quality improvement algorithm displays colors that are richer and more true to life. View larger.

Samsung 28-Inch LED Monitor TD310NH Product ShotView larger.Digital Noise Filter for Clearer Picture

Whether you’re using a cable receiver or over-the-air digital cable signal, Samsung’s Clean View technology ensures the best possible picture quality. This digital noise filter enhances the picture by deleting visual noise that would otherwise degrade your viewing experience.

Advanced Color Technology for Better Images

Wide Color Enhancer Plus drastically improves image quality to uncover hidden details. Thanks to Samsung’s advanced quality improvement algorithm, colors are richer and more true to life.

Expanded Viewing Angle for Movies

The Samsung T24D310NH offers an expanded viewing angle of 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally, so that no matter where you are in the room, you’re sure to have a great view. Whether you’re gathered for movie night or a sporting event, everyone gets the full visual experience.

Sports and Game Mode for Optimized Viewing

Choose the mode that best fits your content and the Samsung T24D310NH optimizes performance accordingly. Sports Mode and Game Mode enhance both picture and sound for clarity so you don’t miss a thing.

View Media from USB Drives with ConnectShare Movie

With ConnectShare Movie, you can plug in a USB memory drive to enjoy movies, photos, and music directly from the drive. ConnectShare Movie expands the variety of content available to enjoy on your Samsung monitor.

Product Information

This monitor features a built-in digital tuner and auto channel search. With the stand, the monitor measures 15.08 by 22.11 by 6.45 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 9.02 pounds. It has a 23.6-inch screen and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

What’s in the Box

Samsung 24-Inch LED Monitor T24D310NH, installation CD, remote control with batteries, and quick setup guide.

Logo24-Inch LED Monitor T24D310NH At a Glance: Clean View noise reduction for clearer pictureWide Color Enhancer Plus for brilliant colorsWatch movies comfortably with 178-degree viewing angleWatch video from USB drive with ConnectShareGame Mode and Sports Mode optimize viewingSamsung 28-Inch LED Monitor TD310NH Product Shot

Sports Mode enhances both picture and sound for clarity so you don’t miss a thing. View larger.

Choose the Right Samsung Display Monitor for You

SD300 SeriesSD360 SeriesSD390 SeriesSD590 SeriesUD590 SeriesD310 Series S20D300HS24D360HLS27D390HS24D590PLU28D590DT28D310NH Available Models S20D300H, S22D300HY, S22D300NY, S24D300HLS24D360HL, S27D360HS24D390HL, S27D390HS24D590PL, S27D590PU28D590DT28D310NH Support for Ultra HD and 4K Video     ✔  Mega DCR for dynamic color/contrast management ✔✔✔✔✔✔ Color Enhancer Plus      ✔ Clean View for enhanced picture quality      ✔ Magic Upscale up-converts older video formats ✔✔✔✔✔  Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology for HD dual display     ✔  1 millisecond response time for blur-free action     ✔  Game Mode ✔✔✔✔✔✔ Sports Mode      ✔ ConnectShare for viewing media on a USB drive      ✔ Elegant Touch of Color design  ✔✔   

3 thoughts on “Samsung 23.6-Inch Screen LED-lit HDTV Monitor (T24D310NH)

  1. J. Maxon says:

    Good as a small room TV, limited as a monitor This is a nice little TV that can also be used as a desktop monitor. Keep in mind that there isn’t a built-in computer for running apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. What you get is a TV capable of receiving a signal from an antenna for local television stations (and Cable providers). However, you can plug in external devices such as a Roku or Blu-ray Disc Player that has its own built-in app manager. You can also plug in a USB memory drive (or external HD) with music, video and picture files on it. The Samsung T24D310NH will attempt to play/view those files, but with limitations. Here’s what files are supported:Video Files: .avi, .mkv, .asf, .wmv, .mp4, .3gp, .vro, .mpg, .mpeg, .ts, .tp, .trp, .mov, .flv, .vob, .svi, .divx. (Note: H.263 decoder is not supported, but H.264 (Level 4.1) is.)Supported Subtitle Formats: MPEG-4 timed text (.ttxt), SAMI (.smi), SubRip (.srt), SubViewer (.sub), Micro DVD (.sub or .txt), SubStation Alpha (.ssa), Advanced SubStation Alpha…

  2. Comdet says:

    Solid performer as a TV or for mirroring from a small screen; some usability quirks Overall, this is a decent monitor provided you’re not looking for a high-res PC monitor. I’m using it mainly in its TV mode and have been very impressed with the picture quality. The built-in tuner works well (with one exception, as noted below) producing a rich image. It’s also very well suited as an extension for a small screen device, such as a tablet. I’m using it with my Kindle Fire (via HDMI), and it provides for an excellent viewing experience.Although the native resolution is 1366×768 pixels, the screen size of 24 inches is small enough that the lack of full HD is not missed. What I did miss is the lack of adjustability of the stand. There’s no tilt or swivel – the stand just holds the screen in a fixed position. It really interferes with proper positioning if this is used as a PC monitor, and is also a problem when using it as a TV. While I don’t expect a lot of extras at this price point, the lack of any measure of…

  3. Monique says:

    Good TV, Great value At 23.6 inches, it’s a good size for a child’s bedroom or a rarely used guest bedroom.In my house it also works well for when the girls want to watch a movie together, but when the living room television is otherwise occupied. They can still use Netflix, but aren’t limited to a cell phone or tablet screen.At the time of this review the price is $129.99, which is also a sensible price for a secondary television – it won’t break the bank and you’ll get a good quality Samsung branded TV.It can also be used as a desktop monitor. We don’t use it that way in our house, simply because we don’t have an desktop computer to hook it up to in my daughter’s room.Putting it together is simple. Install the batteries in the remote control, use a screwdriver to screw the 3 screws into the base, and connect the power cord to the TV and the wall plug. The TV is lightweight and has a slim profile. The base doesn’t swivel, but none of our televisions have…

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