Samsung HU7250 Curved 4K Ultra HD TV

Experience immersive picture quality from any angle with the new curved design. Watch any movie, sport, disc, or streaming app at 4 times the resolution of full HD.

Ultra Clear Panel

Absorbs ambient light and reduces glare, letting the picture come to life.

UHD Upscaling

Uses signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD upscaling and detail enhancement to upconvert SD, HD, or full HD content to near-UHD level picture quality.

UHD Dimming

Adjusts brightness to deliver deeper darks and brighter whites, eliminating the “halo” effect and image distortion.

Smart Touch Remote

Select TV functions by talking into the built-in microphone, use the touchpad to navigate quickly, or use the remote like a mouse.

Wide Color Enhancer Plus

Witness a wider spectrum of colors on your screen, with enriched colors.

Smart View 2.0

Whatever is playing on your TV, Netflix, or live TV can be streamed to your mobile device as a second viewing option.

Smart Hub

Smart Hub organizes your entertainment into 5 easy to use panels.

S Recommendation

Receive personalized TV & movie recommendations based on your own preferences and what’s popular and trending.

Voice Interaction

Voice command lets you talk to the TV to search what’s on or to perform basic commands such as “last channel,” “record” or “turn off.”

Screen Mirroring

Allows you to wirelessly access and share videos, photos and music from your PC, tablet, camera and mobile device to your Smart TV.

2 thoughts on “Samsung UN55HU7250 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV

  1. Christopher J. Cowen says:

    Samsung makes great TV’s that are best in their class Samsung makes great TV’s that surpass every other manufacturer in their class. I have two Samsung’s in my house and I can tell you the image is beautiful. This TV has an LED screen and in my opinion this the way to go (LED is similar to LCD its back-lit better so that they are no dark spots on the screen).Now add in that this TV can directly connect to the internet and I’m sold. TV’s of this class have never been cheaper.One thing that I have found with TV’s that its very important to actually look at the TV in person. Now when you look at the TV’s, go to a place like Walmart to see them, because many times specialty stores like Best Buy play with the lighting controls on the TV and in the store to skew the image to there advantage. Once you look at the TV simply look and decide which one looks better to you.The next step to take into consideration is features. Here are a few that come with this TV:This Samsung comes with Auto Volume…

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