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3 thoughts on “Sony KDL48W600B 48-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV

  1. Jonathon says:

    EXCELLENT BUILD QUALITY & PERFORMANCE FROM SONY I’ve had my new Sony KDL-40W600B for months now (I actually have the COSTCO version/same specs almost). This TV is an amazing value when you factor in that a Sony 40-Inch can be found for just $500. With LIMITED-APPS (listen carefully when I say LIMITED as Sony and Amazon are still at odds and there is no Amazon, Amazon Prime Instant, VUDU, HBO-To-Go or M-Go) and built-in Wi-Fi !I was impressed with the build quality right out of the box. Sony has cut a few corners and yet enhanced so many others that this still exceeds anything Samsung or LG could offer.PROS:*Ease of set-up. My 85 year old mom could almost set this up…*Picture depth and color as only Sony can accomplish/great angle viewing*Great but simple remote.*Fabulous SETTINGS in the set itself.*Weight*Speed to process ON/OFF and other functions including sparse APPS*4 HDMI’s and 2 USB slots*Not Made In China (my set comes from Mexico)…

  2. Juan says:

    Impressive image quality and value I previously had a Samsung UN40ES6580 40 Inch TV with 240Hz refresh rate, with 3D and Skype camera. I like gadgets and features but I found myself paying for a smaller TV for features such a 3D and Skype Camera which I pretty much never used. (who cares about having a Skype camera on a TV when you have cameras in cell phones, tables and computers? What was I thinking when I got tempted by this feature?!). Don’t get me wrong, the TV was really good. I even left a review giving it good rating. However I liked the image quality I never could fall in love with it. Specially blacks, I could see some little gray areas in a dark room in some dark scenes which drove me crazy.Now, I switched TVs. Left the toys aside for a bigger screen size and better image quality which I thought Sony was able to provide. And I wasn’t wrong and Sony delivers impressive image quality with this TV, even though the refresh rate is lower than the Samsung (so you cannot choose the “soap opera”…

  3. Charlie says:

    Very happy I’m just a regular media consumer…I’m not a picture quality enthusiast, but review websites seem to give this set high marks. I spent a considerable amount of time (too much time, honestly) researching a new TV to purchase. My previous TV was a 32inch Samsung but apparently that size is what people are putting in their bathrooms now. I wanted to get something thinner, lighter, a little bigger, and with a higher resolution. I also wanted to stick with a more reputable brand because of concerns about manufacturing quality and the availability of parts/repair labor if that becomes something I need in the future. The Smart features, particularly Netflix, I will likely use but I’m not particularly interested in them because I already have so many devices that have streaming capabilities (blu ray player, video game consoles, etc.) and those features were not really factored into my purchase decision.This TV is incredibly lightweight (15lb) and was super quick to physically…

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