The all-new 2015 D-Series 39″ (38.5″ diag.) Full-Array LED TV has arrived. Featuring a new, modern design and brilliant picture quality, the all-new D-Series brings you HD entertainment at an incredible value. Enjoy brilliant picture quality using the latest advanced technologies – like Full-Array LED backlighting which distributes LEDs behind the entire screen delivering superior light uniformity and picture performance. VIZIO D-Series: Incredible picture, unbeatable value.

3 thoughts on “VIZIO D39h-C0 39-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

  1. K. Saboda says:

    Good HD TV on a budget. I don’t watch much tv but when my oldSony rear projection set started kicking the bucket I broke down and bought this set. For 350 bucks it is a real good deal. Good picture and 120hz refresh rate(high speed stuff ie action movies, sports). It doesn’t have smart tv applications like Netflix but that’s what my Xbox does. I really didn’t want a smart tv, the software on those is often unsupported after a few years anyways. The set has one component input, good for my old PS2. Two HDMI and one usb for photos etc. It has optical audio out which is slick for a home theater setup. It has a built in hdtv tuner that works pretty well for over the air stuff. I only care about the Seahawks games!If you’re watching movies off a blu Ray or Netflix device I wouldn’t look further for another TV. Four out of five because it would have been perfect with a third HDMI input. Also, the speakers aren’t anything to write home about so I plunked down 80 bucks for the Vizio 29″ sound bar,…

  2. digitalman says:

    If you are looking for a small tv, this is a great option at a very affordable price. We purchased this tv for my grandmother. She recently moved info a smaller apartment. We were finally able to talk her into getting rid of her 20 inch tube tv. We were looking for something inexpensive, HD and reliable. Having had good luck with Visio in the past, we purchased this tv. For about $150 it had all the basic features she needed.Here are some quick thoughts about this TV:Picture: For the price, I am impressed with the picture quality. Yes it isn’t 1080p, but considering its size, most people wouldn’t be able to see the difference between 720p and 1080p.Sound: Personally, I am not impressed with the sound. You obviously can’t compare it to dedicated speakers, but even compared to other tvs, the sound is weak. Grandma doesn’t mind as she watches with the subtitles on anyway.Connections: The TV has one of each of these – HDMI, Component, Composite, Coax, USB and VGA (PC).Remote: nothing to be impressed with, but it…

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