Aipker DZ09 Smart Watch Specification:

Product Weight: 56g
Package Weight: 150g
Battery: 3.7V/380mAh Li-ion
Smart Watch Functions:
Dialer, Messaging, Phonebook, Call logs, Remote notifier, Remote capture, File manager, Image viewer, Setting, Calendar, Alarm, Sound recorder, Bluetooth, Camera, Audio player, Profiles, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary reminder, Quick response, Anti lost, Browser, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.
Please note 1 : Remote notifier, Remote capture, Anti lost, need download an App in your Android smart phone.
Please note 2 : Image viewer, Sound recorder, Audio player, need put a SD card in this smart watch.(SD card biggest support 32GB )
Please note 3 : Browser, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp , these functions need put a SIM card to this smart watch. (SIM card support: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900)

About us: Our brand “Aipker” trademark has been registered in US, and also registered on Amazon.

Customer FAQ:

Q1: Where can I get an APP stall in My Android Smart Phone ?
A1: In this smart watch have a Quick response, use your Android smart phone scan it, will show APP download link.

Q2: Does an APP work for IOS phone?
A2: No, there is no App work for IOS phones. So, remote control and sync message function can’t be used for IOS system.

Q3: Does an App work for Windows Smart phones?
A3: No, APP only work for Android Smart phones.

Q4: Is it waterproof ?
A4: No, it not waterproof.

Q5: I use my Android smart phone, scan Quick response, but I can’t download APP, what do I do ?
A5: Please in Google Play store search Fundo App Android or Fundo position android version or BTNotification Android, choose one of them install to your Android Smart phone.

3 thoughts on “Aipker 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smart Watch Phone with Camera and 16GB SD Card for Andriod SmartPhones – Golden

  1. Shay L. Good says:

    Almost gave it ONE star. I was thisclose to giving it one star but got it figured out!! First I couldn’t find instructions, so tucked in bottom of little box. Such small printing (and ALOT of it) that I didn’t do much but skim it. It wouldn’t connect with Bluetooth right away but finally did. Wouldn’t give me an option to set country, only city, and no US cities were listed. I figured when it synced to my phone it would just do it. Couldn’t figure out how to sync, kept telling me to download bt notifier. I had no idea what that was or how to do it. Tried downloading a couple to my primary phone to no avail. Had no idea if it was the right app or not. Finally downloaded BTNotification from playstore. Still didn’t work. It said I could send texts but it still said I needed to DL notifier. Got frustrated and decided to “open” the phone to see about adding a sim card and micro. I don’t think the back is designed to come off but it did (pic below). Im not sure if those are the slots but idk how one would…

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