This sleek LG Android phone sports the high-end design of the G3 with a larger 5.7-inch screen, with great specs in other areas, for a more affordable package. Key features include an 8-megapixel camera with laser focus, NFC, large removable battery, memory card slot, split-screen multi-tasking, and both DLNA and Miracast wireless media sharing.

2 thoughts on “LG G Vista 4G Unlocked 4G LTE Android 8MP Camera Smartphone w/ Quad-Core CPU – Black

  1. Heather G says:

    Like the screen size of this phone Like the screen size of this phone, it was a purchase for my husband and really he wanted another much more expensive brand but his main feature he was looking for was a big screen… bigger the better so when I saw this phone for the price, and read some of the reviews it seemed like a promising buy. Happy to report we aren’t disappointed. there are a few quirks here and there it freezes when he goes into his medal booth at work and he has to restart it all the time… very strange bug that I am sure is totally random and isolated to just his situation. but if that is his only complaint then we are doing good! The picture on the phone is great, android- love that! the sound is pretty decent, the ear piece is a little odd to get used to but maybe I’m not used to such a large phone, its hard to talk and listen at the same time HAHA. but I still would rather buy this for my husband who will probably smash it within the next 6 months and need a new one anyways… rather than spend the…

  2. Jeri Lynn says:

    Good bang for the buck! I’ve had this phone for just a few weeks but I really love it for the variety of camera functions. Firstly, the camera takes very nice sharp images. I appreciate the voice activated shutter release. There are 4 or 5 words that will click the shutter including cheese of course. The camera also has a panorama function that works very well. It didn’t occur to me to look through the camera settings at first, but when I noticed that the image size was very small I took a look through the settings where I found that are multiple image sizes. I prefer to capture an image in the largest size possible which on this phone is 3264×2448. Size can be adjusted by touching the wheel in the upper left corner. A small size image is better for sharing but I like to print my images so the largest size is best.The size of this phone is perfect for me, 6 inches long with the case so it’s not too big to hold in one hand. I never put my phone in a pocket, but it’s probably on the larger…

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