The LG M1 features the latest version of Android Lollipop for a fast and smooth experience. Enjoy a 5” IPS touchscreen display with a 5MP rear and front facing camera perfect for capturing your most important memories. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 1.1GHz quad-core processor allows you to switch apps seamlessly too. Experience the LG M1 on boost mobile with competitive plans and sprint’s nationwide enhanced LTE network.

2 thoughts on “LG Tribute 5 (M1) – No Contract Phone (Boost Mobile)

  1. AmandaLynn says:

    Ok, But Could Be A Lot Better!! I got this phone for my husband to replace his old Moto E, which he absolutely loved. We decided to upgrade after his battery refused to hold charge for more than a few hours. After doing some research and talking to some friends, he chose to go with this one. I hate to say it, but if your heart is set on this phone, you’ll need to go for one that is on a contract. One of his friends has this phone through a contract company, and he loves it. However, when you opt for the Boost Mobile version, you’ll find that the quality is sub-par. The memory is horrible, and unfortunately it comes with tons of pre-loaded apps that take up most of your memory. I thought getting a SD card would help with that, but you aren’t able to move half of the apps you should be able to for some reason. My husband’s has the worst issue with his freezing and lagging, and no matter what he does it refuses to work properly. The camera is rough, but it’s fine for someone who doesn’t want to use the phone for that…

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