NVIDIA SHIELD transforms your experience from just watching TV to playing TV-powered by Android TV and the latest technologies. The hottest movies and shows in brilliant 4K. Your favorite songs at the touch of a button. And a new generation of great apps and games. SHIELD plays them all.

3 thoughts on “NVIDIA SHIELD Pro

  1. KC Abramson says:

    Top Notch Android TV Device; A+++ Would buy again Top Notch Android TV device. WAY better than my previous Nexus player. Be patient friends. First gen devices always have their issues.Tips:–Run ALL updates; Both shield, Android TV, AND last but not least all the different app updates; 1.2 Shield update made a world of difference–Get yourself a nice bluetooth keyboard, pair it, AND once you do set the Android TV Settings -> Input -> Virtual remote keyboard input. That was a little confusing at first. Even though i had a keyboard paired, the on screen keyboard would continue to show (and it gets in the way.)–Take advantage of the magic of PLeX. I cannot stress this enough. It literally eliminates your need to worry about any other type of media player. Easily the best media player out there–Be patient. I have very high hopes for this device and you should tooPros–Super fast–500 GB harddrive–GAME STREAMING IS AMAZING–Best TV UI out there–Slim…

  2. Steveo says:

    Exceeded my expectaions As a casual gamer, and Android enthusiast and cable cutter, there isn’t a better device on the market.Let me start by saying that this thing is very well built and has a good bit of weight to it. I was expecting it to be a cheap piece of plastic, but it is far from that. The size is perfect as well. If the green LED light bothers you, you can dim it and even turn it completely off in the settings.The device has performed great. I haven’t noticed any slowdowns at all, and everything performs honestly better than I thought. I expected issues being that this device is so new. Now, I did have an issue with the remote control, where the down arrow on the d-pad didn’t work consistently, but I contacted Nvidia, and they sent me out a new controller without me having to jump through hoops.Gaming wise, it’s a great device, and honestly, I can see it giving Microsoft and Sony a run for its money. If your a PC gamer, then there’s a good chance that your PC…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Best media streaming player – hands down I bought the 16GB version last month but I wanted more storage for games and media in the living room so 16GB is going in the bedroom.This is the best streaming media player that I have used. I’ve tried Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast. I also had the Forge TV for a very short period before returning it.Pros:- Really snappy UI. Moves quickly around the screen (Note: I tried Android TV on the new Sony TVs and it felt really show in comparison)- 4K ready. I’m waiting for lower 4K TV prices this fall but at least I’m ready for it now and I won’t have to buy another streaming box later.- Voice search. Hands down it is better than the basic voice search from Fire TV and Roku. Google can understand full sentences and do complex searches and also voice commands like ‘open netflix’- Games. Really great games on this box. Better graphics than you get on Fire TV and of course games are in a different league than Roku.- 500GB allows us to…

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