Product Description
Sony PlayStation – game console

Expansion Slots Total: 1 memory
Processor: 1 x LSI R3000 33 MHz

1 x composite video output (RCA phono), 1 x audio line-out (RCA phono x 2), 2 x game controller, 1 x parallel, 1 x serial

This is the Original Playstation System.

3 thoughts on “Playstation System – Video Game Console

  1. Ryan Sil. (Gamer & freelance PC/Android indie... says:

    Forget the PS3! PS1’s where it’s at! Don’t get me wrong, the Playstation 3 IS a decent console, but most of its games are already on other systems, but with more DLC (So it seems) that you must pay for to get additional content, and the system is already overly expensive (Even now). So why do I prefer this original over PS3? Is it because of its graphics? No. It’s because of its game library.The Playstation had a good amount of games that I actually WANTED, and they weren’t on other systems, and even if some were, those versions on the other systems would be inferior to what this classic system had to offer. Such examples are Mega Man X4, Pac-Man World, Rayman, Frogger, Spyro (Well, I bought A Spyro game), etc (And maybe the original Crash, too, once I buy that game). If you want, you can go see my reviews for some of those games.The games do not have online play, nor do they have DLC (What do you expect from a 90s console?), but what they DO have will keep you at these games for a very long time…

  2. J. Jongeling "slice of heaven" says:

    A console that defined my junior high years 1996. Rewind your mind. Coffee was the popular drink in group circles and Windows 95 was the staple in every PC-owning household.I was in fifth grade. It all started when I was at my uncle’s house, where we usually faced off in Sega Genesis games like Primal Rage and Mortal Kombat. This time when I came over however, he had a new toy. I couldn’t remember what it was called, but I heard him say “station”. Space-station? Dream station? I didn’t know for sure. (hint : it was the Playstation.)When he showed me what it was I was psyched. The games were on discs so I instantly thought it was mega expensive (and at that time, it was). I was used to seeing video games on cartridge. The control looked like an alien space ship with all of the weird symbols (X? O? Square? Triangle? What the? Where’s the A, B, and C buttons?!). I thought it was a mathematical equasion, I honestly did.I was awed when he put in a fighting game. It was 3D, and the characters were…

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