Experience the action like never before with the Xbox One Wireless Controller. New Impulse Triggers deliver fingertip vibration feedback, so you can feel every jolt and crash in high definition.* Redesigned thumbsticks and an all new d-pad provide greater precision. Plus, keep the action going with the Play & Charge Kit, with a battery that recharges while you play or afterwards, even when your Xbox is in standby.

Wireless Controller
• Over 40 improvements to the award-winning 360 Wireless Controller, without taking anything away from what you love.
• New Impulse Triggers provide precise vibration feedback to your fingers, bringing an unprecedented level of gaming realism.*
• Newly designed D-pad is perfect for all types of game genres including sports, fighting, FPS, and more. Optimized for both directional and sweeping D-pad movements.
• Responsive and precise thumbsticks
• New wireless radio that enables faster data transfer to the console
• Designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes comfortably
• Pick up and play. Kinect automatically recognizes who is gaming and which controller they are holding.
• Expansion port for add-on devices like a wired headset and future devices
• Compatible with Xbox One Play and Charge Kit
• Features rumble motors
• 30ft wireless range

Play and Charge Kit
• Charges while you play and when the console is in standby mode
• Save money by not having to buy AA batteries for your Wireless Controller
• LED charging indicator on the cable
• Fully recharges under 4hrs

2 thoughts on “Wireless Controller + Play and Charge Kit – Xbox One

  1. Vdub says:

    Nearly flawless controller, good value with P&C bundle I am verrry glad Microsoft didn’t change the successful controller formula they came up with many years ago. This is a fantastic controller. It feels like a tiny bit of a better fit in my hands than the 360 controller, and I like the new ridges on the thumbsticks.There were only two things I ever really thought they needed to change from the 360 controller, and they did both: Fix the crappy D-pad (it is much better now), and move the guide/dashboard button. I like how it is higher up on the controller now so you won’t ever accidentally hit it when going for the start/back buttons.Speaking of which, I guess that’s my only very minor complaint. They should have stuck with “Start” and “Back” as the names for those two center buttons. It sounds a lot less cool to read “Press the menu button to begin” on the Killer Instinct main screen, rather than the classic “Press Start”. But, not a big deal.The rechargeable batteries seem a little smaller than the…

  2. ceLeon says:

    Pretty much the best controller out there We all know that the xbox 360’s controller was very close to a perfect controller and it was universally liked and it was hard to improve on top of it but Microsoft still did it. They managed to create an even better version of their controller and this is my experience so far.Good:Trigger improvements: Microsoft included what they called `Impulse triggers” under the triggers for a very unique result while playing games such as Forza 5Better D-Pad: The main complaint with the past controller was the squishy D-Pad it had which was not very precise and hard to press. All those bad things are gone with the new buttons.Analog sticks accuracy has improved considerably and their grippy texture feels amazing. You’ll notice the difference especially if you have sweaty handsBattery life is impressive. I’ve yet to deplete the duracell included AA batteries after a more than 6-7 hours, which is the time it took my PS4 controller to…

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