Experience the unique intensity, precision and comfort of the Xbox One Wireless Controller. Impulse Triggers deliver fingertip vibration feedback, so you can feel every jolt and crash in high definition. Responsive thumbsticks and an enhanced D-pad provide greater accuracy. Plug any compatible headset into the standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack. Works with Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and Tablets.

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  1. Skilled says:

    Great New Features: 3.5mm Audio Port, Better Bumpers, OTA Updates Today, we’re reviewing the new Xbox One Wireless Controller with those sought after feature upgrades such as the 3.5mm audio port, improved bumpers, and over the air updates. Let’s take a closer look at the new features in this hardware review.Most people know about Xbox one controllers by now so we’re talking exclusively about the new features. First off it has wireless over the air updates which is an improvement over the last controller which required a micro usb connection for updates. It’s a good feature, but that’s more of a technical fix.Comparing the two controllers, they look identical with the exception of the new port. The most obvious advancement is the addition of the 3.5mm audio port which will let you connect any standard headphones no matter how crazy they look. And there’s menu settings for adjusting the sound and chat volume from the controller. So if your headphones don’t have a built in…

  2. Tally says:

    The Controller’s Only Major Flaw Has Been Fixed I own Dualshock 4, Dualshock 3, Xbox 360, and previous iteration Xbox One controllers for use on my PC. The Dualshock 4 and old Xbox One controllers previously competed for my favorite depending on the particular game’s compatibility, the usefulness of the DS4’s touchpad, and the game’s use of the shoulder buttons. I quite liked the previous version of the Xbox One controller with the minor exception that the handholds creaked a little when squeezed and the major exception of the extremely shallow bumpers that could only be activated on the outer edges and could only be comfortably be used for a a single press. This new version has neither of these problems. I was able to fix the former problem with electrical tape inside the handles but this version feels rock solid without alteration (this is possibly just a matter of luck in build quality). The satisfyingly clicky response of all the buttons is maintained (maybe even improved for the face buttons, but likely that’s just because…

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