Become the ultimate Master Assassin and join forces with up to three friends on the most advanced multiplayer network. Xbox One is the only place to play the best exclusives and all the biggest blockbusters of the year, and brings together games, live TV, and your favorite entertainment apps. Own Assassins Creed Unity, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, and Xbox One with Kinect.

3 thoughts on “Xbox One with Kinect: Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle, 500GB Hard Drive

  1. Vdub says:

    Xbox One Bundle Comparison There are now several Xbox One bundles to choose from over the holidays, and this Assassin’s Creed bundle is one of the better options in my opinion. But just in case another one will be a better match for you, here is a comparison with holiday price drops:Xbox One, no Kinect: $349- Barebones, nothing extra, not a great deal, don’t get this one.Xbox One with Kinect: $449- Same as above, but includes Kinect. No other bonuses, don’t get this bundle.Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle, no Kinect: $349- This includes both Assassin’s Creed black flag (digital version), which is playable immediately after download, and Assassin’s Creed Unity, which you can pre-download, but it is not playable until release date, which is still 1-2 weeks away (UPDATE: Available now!). As you can see, this is the same price as the barebones XBO, but includes 2 free games, making it a pretty sweet deal if you don’t care about the Kinect.Xbox One…

  2. Jeffrey A. Stewart says:

    Great upgrade from 360 & Use the included HDMI between the BOXES! I pulled the trigger on this purchase Friday (11-7-14) for a Saturday delivery. Setup was quick and easy… hardware wise. Looking at all the bundles Amazon was offering I thought this had the best value (Getting 3 games). I may never play the Kinect Dance game that was included but my kids will. That said, its a great system and a great upgrade from 360. (Which we still have on HDMI3)I have my DirecTV Genie HR44-500 connected to the HDMI pass through. The TV control through the system and Kinect is simply FANTASTIC and really… REALLY fast controlling the Genie. It is faster for me to Say “Xbox watch ESPN” than it is to use the remote. I helped my buddy connect his to a Comcast HD box. The DTV Genie is a drastic difference in performance. I would believe this is due to the fact the Genie is newer and has the new HDMI spec for two-way communication between devices. I think his XB1 was blasting the commands via Kinect IR?Which reminds me, those connecting your…

  3. Trinh Le says:

    The bundle is worth it I have owned the original xbox, xbox 360, and recently added the xbox one to my collection. A little late, but the E3 reveal of the xbox one did leave a bitter taste in my mouth and was on the verge of converting to a PS4 instead. Luckily, the decrease in prices on the xbox one and this amazing bundle (I’m a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed series), I guess I couldn’t go wrong with it. I have played the first AC all the way up to AC4 on 360/PC so I was very excited for Unity. To my surprise, it came with an extra game called Dance Central Spotlight which was icing on the cake because my entire family got into it as soon as it was set up. The game comes with 10 free songs – to get you started, and then you can purchase more songs to add onto the collection (so building your own library). Before I get on a tangent, I do recommend this bundle because if you were to buy it separately, it would cost much more.What’s included in the bundle-Includes AC4 Blackflag ($30)…

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