Water Resistant Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wires (El Wire) for Parties and Halloween Decoration, with Battery Pack


– No heat radiation, no environmental pollution when chucking it away. Energy-saving, peaceful, environmental protection, health.

– Emit lights along its entire length, colorful and soft light, can be used in day and night.

– Can be easily bent, knotted, cut and connected without affecting the brightness.

– Easily to use, can be fixed on the surface by adhesive tape, pin, cyanoacrylate adhesive, wire tack, etc.

EL Wire Application Field:

outside danger warning indication, flash toy, arts and crafts product, sporting goods, garment, electrical apparatus, wall and roof, vehicle decoration, instrument display, figure display, Festival decoration, fence and tree, flash advertisement, words and picture, cabinet and window, door and furniture, warning sign, stair and passage, doorplate and exit, military equip etc.

2 thoughts on “15ft Neon Light El Wire w/ Battery Pack for Parties, Halloween Decoration (green)

  1. Jack Sparrow says:

    Noisy! They emit a high-pitched whine when on. I am not familiar with the technology behind these string lights, but the magical faries and elves that live in the little control box that make it work make a very annoying high-pitched whining noise. If you use these at a noisy party or something you would not notice it at all, but if using it as a home decoration the noise will penetrate your brain and drive you insane! I’m using them on a golf cart for seasonal decoration and I stuffed the control box into the back canopy, so it is a little less annoying. The lights are cool looking, not too bright, just right. But, buyer beware – these lights make noise!

  2. friede "über geek" says:

    awesome, but high-freq noise these neon strings rock and have 3 settings – solid/blink/blink fast – but whenever the lights are on it emits a high frequency noise for some reason. we bought the blue and the green and they both do the same thing with the noise

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