Stay away from deadly creatures lurking in the shadows. You may end up like this 72 inch Cocoon Corpse for example. We’re pretty sure this poor guy thought he’d was safe but clearly he was wrong. He’s nothing more than a lifeless corpse hanging on your porch now.

3 thoughts on “72in Cocoon Corpse (Standard)

  1. CJ Kennedy says:

    Awesome halloween prop and headline for your house! I have this product and I gotta say, This thing is amazing!I’m a HUGE fan of all things halloween,scary and grimdark. I was sitting around my house a year or two ago wondering what I was gonna thyme my house as for halloween, I was watching the movie Ice spiders and spider-man on two different channels Just going back n forth on the two during “Ad time” as I like to call it, and came up with the idea for doing a spider thyme for my house. So I bought all types of webs and spider related things as well as adding to the already chilling props I had in my shed, when I came across this hanging web head. Of course the eyes light up on mine and Idk if this one does since I never take the time to actually read the discriptons before reviewing. I’m not sure if mine came with battery’s in it or not but once I fliped the switch on the back of his head and his eyes started to glow I almost Immedatly got the attention of my nighbors and the kids in the nighborhood. The…

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