FUNTONE COLORS paint a smile on your kids face
Face & body painting kit, creating a glamorous look for parties,
fun or Halloween

• Is “Funtone Colors” safe to use?
• Is it easy to apply?
• How many faces can you paint with one box of “Funtone color” face paint?

•At “Funtone colors” we use only high quality ingredients.
     The product complies with FDA and European standards making it safe to use.

• This face and body color kit is very easy to apply.
    When you buy this kit you get a free gift from us that includes a set of 8 pictures.
     The stencils have shapes suited for boys and girls.
     Using these stencil shapes make the process even easier,
    even kids can try using them independently.
    We have also included links to web pages showing how to create beautiful face paintings step by step.

•We estimate that this kit can paint between 40 to 80 faces depending on the coverage, whether it is full face or only part.

Money-back guarantee

To purchase, just click on the yellow button on the right. Enjoy the sale prices now, we can’t guaranty these low prices will stay much longer.

3 thoughts on “Face painting kits. Free stencil included. Used for body painting, parties, Halloween or kids makeup.”Funtone Colors” face paint contains palette 8 colors, glitter,brushes & sponges.

  1. Kayla Akers says:

    So much fun, and so easy to use! My five year old son is in a huge dressing up phase. He loves styling himself to look like his favorite characters, and it’s someone different every few days. Batman, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Woody from Toy Story, etc. On one of his recent days trying to look like Mickey Mouse, he asked me to paint his face white and his nose black so that he could look more like him, so I decided to get a face painting set to help give him that extra touch to some of his costumes.I’m decent when it comes to artistic stuff, but painting the face of a squirming child is a whole other playing field! Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised that this set is so incredibly easy to use! It comes with two different sized paint brushes and two sponges for applying the paint. I love that you have all these options, as the sponges are perfect for covering large areas and each of the brushes are great for the finer details.Just like a regular paint palette, these paints just need a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Face paint kit this set of paints arrived just in time for Halloween.This year I had a lot of characters leaving my house.Starting with a set of a beautiful little witch.that wanted to be a good witch.Not a bad one.The other children are undecided on their costumes as the dug through my stash.So this makeup kit was used to make up these little faces to go trick or treating.It applied smooth onto their skin.The got no irritation from wearing it.~~~~~~Pros~~~~~~~~went on smoothglitter!!!~~~~~Cons~~~~~~None.We used this set to paint up there face for Halloween they all came home still in some makeup.So it didn’t wear off.The set comes with eight round face paints in the colors of Royal blue,red,yellow,white,black,green,purple,blue.There are two white circular face paint sponges.I pod of silver glitter.One pod of gold glitter.A double sided applicator.That looks like an eyeshadow brush.Two brushes.One is longer in thin.The other shorter and…

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