Don’t Get Pinched! Watch Out for those Claws in this Adorable Lil Lobster Infant Plush Costume!

2 thoughts on “InCharacter Baby Lil’ Lobster Costume

  1. Stephen E Willard says:

    Nice costume but quality a little low for the price. Overall I was pretty happy with this costume. It arrived quickly and well packaged. It was pretty much as advertised. The quality of the costume overall seemed pretty good, which I would assume it would be given the $40+ price tag. However, there were some disappointments. There was a spot where the stitching missed joining two panels together leaving a 1-2″ long opening right in the middle of the chest which clearly should have been caught. I had to cut open the lining and hand stitch a repair. Also several of the snaps came apart after the first fastening. Again, I was able to re-crimp them with a pair of pliers. Finally, the bottom of the zipper didn’t have a plastic base but just a simple piece of thread holding the two sides together. This stitch broke and the zipper started separating from the base. Again about 20 minutes to fix.All this after the first trial fitting that only lasted about 5 minutes.Once I performed all the above repairs, I was…

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