This isn’t your grandmother’s riding hood The secret wishes costume collection exudes style, sophistication and a touch of sass. Secret wishes provides playful adults with a variety of seductive styles and accessories to choose from. A world-leader in the creation of costumes, make up and accessories children and adults want for halloween and year-around dress up fun.

2 thoughts on “Secret Wishes Red Riding Hood Costume

  1. Carmen says:

    Very nice I wanted to leave a review for this product just because when buying Halloween costumes…you just get ripped off a lot. On a lot of costumes the product is bad and fits horrible. I received my costume today and I am very very pleased. For the price of this you just cannot go wrong. The dress and cape our made of some kind of velvet material that is very pleasing to the eyes. The cape is a actual cape and not some stupid piece of material that just has a hood and ends at the neck. The cape reached the bottom of the dress. There is a petticoat under it that does a good enough job, if you don’t want to buy one. I chose to buy one, but either way it will work. The colors are bright and vibrant. The only thing that I will have to do is take in the breast area, But I kinda knew I might have to do that from what the sizing numbers were. It’s a easy fix that will take only a few minutes.For the price, it is amazing. I also want to thank all the customers that left reviews. It is…

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