Appliance Market Research Reports: Stimulus Produced .3 Billion in Consumer
Smart Life-integrated refrigerators, air-conditioners, and wine cellars use the Internet, mobile communication, and fixed phone networks to let users control home appliances remotely. Whirlpool Corp., considered the world's biggest manufacturer of …
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This holiday, feast away but don't be an energy glutton
If your guests tend to congregate in the kitchen and your cooking appliances are working overtime, consider turning down the furnace. The heat of the oven—and all those guests—will keep the temperature comfortable, and your furnace won't have to work …

Health: Make your home carbon monoxide safe
Gas, oil, coal and wood are potential sources of CO. In the home, it's usually caused by incorrectly fitted or maintained appliances and flues, or poor ventilation. Ovens used to heat homes are a risk because they don't have flues. …
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Research and Markets: IKEA in Australia: 2011 Local Profile – IKEA Plans to
The company offers a diverse range of product categories such as home furniture, textiles, storage products, outdoor products and kitchen appliances. The company plans to invest AUD600 million over 2010-2020 towards new store openings. …
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