Equipped with 500-watt of power, this countertop blender works great for liquefying frozen fruit, whipping up creamy smoothies, making pureed soups, and more. Its revolutionary WaveAction blending system continuously forces the mixture down into stainless-steel ice-crushing blades for thorough blending from top to bottom–every time. Great for parties or everyday use, the blender’s design includes a convenient dispenser valve, which can be removed and replaced by a cap for standard blending operation. The unit includes a 48-ounce dishwasher-safe DuraBlend plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid, generous handle, and drip-free spout for graceful pouring.

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach 54618 Wave Station Express Dispensing Blender

  1. EZ Reader "ezreader2" says:

    I’m amazed this blender has no reviews! I purchased this blender about a year ago from Wal-Mart. I’ve had a number of blenders over the past 30+ years but always ended up giving them away because I seldom if ever used them — too much bother — and have this thing about getting rid of unused stuff but finding yet another excuse why I “need” to buy another blender. I got it strictly for smoothies. I wasn’t about to pay $3-4 a pop for one smoothie. I planned to do the research but when I saw this I liked how it looked and really liked the price, around $18 at the time. The spout thingy was neat, but I was really blown away by the 500 watts. How bad can it be with 500 watts? I’m not a technical person but after comparing the wattage of this one with the others on display, I knew I had nothing to lose. If it blew out after recouping the price of 4-5 smoothies, to me it would be a fair tradeoff.It’s plastic, very lightweight and easy to move around. That works for me. Soooo easy to clean and disassemble when…

  2. bubbula "bubbahomey" says:

    We bothered to read the manual Bought this at Walmart a few days ago (around October 15 2010). It was under 20 bucks and looked good with the pour spout. Even though made in China just like all your name brand stuff is, Hamilton Beach products have served us well when we have had them.As soon as I got it home, I decided to read reviews. Many really liked it but there were a lot of negative reviews. I read everything from the pour spout would clog, to the lid leaking, to the blender not working anymore and finally someone saying the spout will not come apart to thoroughly clean.Unlike me, I told the wife to read the manual before using it as I did. The manual covered all these complaints for us anyway. First off, straight ice will take s a little time but seemed to do the job, obviously the crushed ice cannot come out of the spout. When putting ice in thin liquid the manual says to add after agitation has started. We have had no problem with these instructions. The spout does not clog on us…

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