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Well, something a bit different from what I usually do, but nevertheless here it goes: This is a video of a list of Household Appliances/Items/Objects that do get on my nerves a tad. They include: -The Humble Ice Cube Tray -My Hoover -An object I cannot identify that sits in the Kitchen drawer. -My retro telephone -The modern can I hope you enjoy this change from the dancing and lip-syncing, but it’s my first time attempting one of these “Vlog” type things, y’know? The song is “Mmm Bop” by Hanson. PS The red and black stripey shirt is now officially my “Video Shirt”; I do have more than just one change of clothes.
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25 thoughts on “Home Appliances

  1. AlbinoSmartie says:

    Haha awesome..

    That thing that you didnt know what it was..
    It was a really stupid style of cheese grater, I’ve never understood them.. Or them garlic crushers, or the style of can opener that you have. (God help me when i get my own house)

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