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Video Rating: 5/5 My VitaMix Carob Peanut Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream is creamy and juicy. Not too banana-y, and the carob and peanut butter are distinctly delicious together. Superior nutrition, taste and energy. 2 frozen bananas 1 heaping TBS peanut butter 1 heaping TBS carob flour or powdered chocolate of your choice 2 Medjool dates, pitted Splash vanilla Blend and enjoy. My video for important tips to help your ice cream / soft serve from fabulous.Make this and post your comments and questions coming. Disclaimer If you have to make your own work and your own decisions, “I’m not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. Present me this information from my personal experience. Do not take my word for it. Do not believe me” just because “. Make make your own work and your own decisions. Thank you! “Jane. Not interpreted as medical advice or treatment All content herein is the sole opinion of the author and is in no way intended to or should be construed as medical advice or treatment The reader of this information is solely responsible for his actions and their consequences. If you want, need or seek medical advice or treatment, see a doctor.

25 thoughts on “New iPod Nano – How to turn on sleep timer in iPod Nano

  1. Michelle Falgout L. says:

    That’s exactly what I need right now. I wanted to make a kind of sweet and raw dessert that is perfect, because I just now these ingredients. Thank you!

  2. John Johnwer says:

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  3. macnewbee says:

    I have 2 “normal” size banana and a scoop of peanut butter with a tap of sea salt. I then added a splash of vanilla. I longed for some dessert, decided to go healthy and knew to view your videos. Amazing stuff. Go about making!

  4. blenditandMendit says:

    A few drops of liquid detergent in it and fill halfway with hot water, turn to high 30-40 seconds, and there is a separate washer. Rinse well and dry. Keep the head so no water under the Dichtung.Glad you like this mix, it’s one of my fave ice. 🙂 Jane

  5. Imjustheretofollow says:

    I eat this fabulous ice cream …. now omg, I love it so much! The only thing that bothers me is … Cleaning the Vitamix after ice. It’s really tacky.

  6. titojwonnie says:

    Hi Jane! I just want to let you know that this is to completely satisfy my craving for junk food every time. I think I have. These 6 or 7 times during the summer Great alternative!

  7. blenditandMendit says:

    Yes, I somewhat almond milk in VitaMix made, I have to make a video for almond milk, seek Easy, Luscious almond milk on my channel – YT will not let me on the link in this box – and then I pour the almond milk in ice cube trays – it comes in handy for so many things, ice cream is one of ihnen.Jane

  8. blenditandMendit says:

    Hello Bianca, Make instead it’s delicious – I did it for my daughter and I the other day, and there’s no chocolate in it: 4 almond milk Eiswürfel1 frozen Banane4 medjools dates, entsteint1 know EL PBLassen me how you like it. ) Jane

  9. blovesJLovesMac1 says:

    Hi Jane, I was about this sometime denken.Aber I wonder if it still taste as good without carob or cocoa power? I am NOT a chocolate fan at all! Even difficult it is great for brain function! Biancax * Ü *

  10. 4007fairview says:

    Hi Jane ~ Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll watch your Chocolate Cherry Soft ice cream! Just a little note to let you know that I will Carob Peanut Butter Ice Cream demoed yesterday – it was a hit, there was a lot going on “MMMS” when tasting it Debbie * Ü *

  11. blenditandMendit says:

    Hi Debbie, I know exactly what you mean, it’s easy to live in this lush concoctions, mainly because they’re feeling so good. Yes, Coscto carries the frozen dark red cherries, sometimes organic, and sometimes not, it depends on the availability. Have you tried my Chocolate Cherry Soft ice cream? I am the dark cherries in it and I have more I will be with these cherries, which – as much Waterful food, so little time 🙂 Jane

  12. 4007fairview says:

    Hello Jane – Can I admit that I will do it again tonight? 🙂 I “was” to wait until my husband could have something tomorrow – “Why wait” but I ask … You’re right – it does not taste banana-y.Auch – I made your frozen strawberries and frozen banana ice cream 3 times. WOW – so good! I’m eating this way for about 3.5 years and these 2 are the best ice cream I’ve tried. Does your Costco carry the frozen dark cherries? Ideas for using this? Thx!

  13. blenditandMendit says:

    Hi Debbie, Thank you! Not only it makes the writing and let me know and others know what you think. Let me know what your husband thinks, because if the guys as well, then I have to know it’s a winner. 🙂 Jane

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