Rule the kitchen with the Ninja Master Prep. Designed to combat even the toughest culinary challenges, this revolutionary food and drink maker combines the best features of a traditional blender, a food processor, and a stick blender all in one device. The Ninja Master Prep puts the power in your hands with an ergonomic power pod. This interchangeable pod lets you move quickly from the blending pitcher to the food processing bowl for fast and easy prep work. Feel like a fiesta? Just fill the processing bowl with ingredients for salsa and the pitcher with ice and margarita mix. Then move down the line with the power pod and you’ve got an instant party. Forget mushy, soggy, half-chopped fruits and veggies. Ninja blade technology-with four uniquely stacked, cutting planes for all over contact-offers unique processing power for uniform cutting, blending, and ice crushing whatever you’re preparing. One-touch pulsing lets you mince, dice, chop, or puree with ease-just pulse your way to perfectly prepped ingredients. For added convenience, custom fit storage lids are for both the pitcher and bowl are included and all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

2 thoughts on “Ninja QB900B Master Prep Revolutionary Food and Drink Maker, Gray

  1. Woody says:

    My best kitchen gadget This is my best little gadget and I have many. I wanted a Vita Mix since I can remember but it was too expensive while raising a family. I finally got one a few years ago, and it was a big disappointment. It was big, bulky and noisy and it did not do anything special. I used it all the time anyway to make smoothies, it was not much good for anything else.Then I saw this Ninja on TV and thought it was a gimmick. I finally bought one since I started to hear many good things about it. And it was very affordable.Let me tell you, this is better than my $500.00 Vita Mix, I just had to send the Vita Mix back to have it fixed and my Ninja is still going strong.I can make my refried beans, chop onions and garlic, smoothies and sauces, but my favorite is the take frozen fruit and add some milk or coconut milk and turn it on, it is just about the best frozen dessert you can find, you may not even have to add sugar if your fruit is sweet enough.I really love this Ninja…

  2. K. McDowell says:

    It’s just okay I needed a blender so I did what I always do when I need something… I came to Amazon to read reviews. I stumbled across the Ninja. (I had no idea it was an infomercial product because I haven’t watched TV in over 10 years.)The reviews were incredibly positive, so I bought it in May of 2011. I bought it mainly for smoothies but have used it for many different things. Here are the pros and cons…PROS: I like that the motor goes on top. It’s very easy to store in a cabinet and doesn’t take up too much space. The blades are ridiculously sharp! (They don’t call it “Ninja” for nothing!) My first day with it, I sliced my thumb almost to the bone! Sharp blades are great on a blender… when you’re careful!CONS: Smoothies don’t come out very smooth. Not even bananas. The constant pulsing is necessary only because the company used plastic parts where they should have used metal. Plastic parts can strip if directions aren’t followed. I…

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