Flush back, compact design is ideal for college dorm room or office, perfect for counter-top placement. Reversible doors offer versatility. Features tall bottle door rack, separate ice maker chamber and adjustable thermostat

3 thoughts on “SPT 2.5 cu.ft Compact Refrigerator Stainless Door with Black Sides

  1. Jason Ressler says:

    Great Little Fridge! Well, not so little… I’ve had this fridge for about two weeks now and it’s been really great. I bought it for my office and mostly to prevent me from eating out, so I had a few criteria. First, it had to be fairly small footprint, but large enough to store a good amount of real food, such as leftovers, some fruit & veg, and materials to make snacks with such as PB&J. Second, it had to have a real compressor, one that will cool well below the ambient temperature as the office building gets quite warm in the summer and I really hate when food goes bad. Third, I didn’t want the unit to give up a bunch of space to a can delivery system, since I don’t drink usually have canned drinks around. So, that’s how I ended up at the SPT, it’s the only one I found that fits all these criteria. I’d never heard of SPT before buying this fridge and quite honestly, if it had the same features as all the other fridges I’d seen (researched for two weeks), I probably wouldn’t have bought it. However, given that it had…

  2. Joseph A. Mecca "Luckybubba" says:

    This is the best little frige This turned out to be the perfect refrigerator and I’ll try to answer some questions about posted concerns.Noise – when you first turn on the fridge and perhaps the first 24 hours, the refrigerator will cycle quite a bit and the compressor will make interesting noises. not bad, just different. once the refrigerator has had it’s break in period, the compressor only turns on every 30 minutes or so for a very short time – I don’t notice it anymore and the compressor is not loud at all.How soon after the item is turned on that you can place things inside – within two hours the refrigerator will be cold – however, placing warm items in there will require additional times for the refrigerator’s temperature to level out – it’s been that way ever since they have been making refrigerators. The stainless on the door is beautiful and we are delighted that we spent the extra money – it looks great in our office – see video. Finally, it’s by far…

  3. Seany says:

    Good fridge but too noisy I bought this fridge a couple weeks ago and it looks nice in person, came very nicely packaged with no effort needed to put it together. The inside smelled a bit at first of plastic but I left the door open for a couple days and the smell went away. After I plugged it in, it got very cold after just a couple hours and keeps cold well. My biggest complaint is the noise. For the most part, it’s quiet in the maintenance mode but when it is turning on to cool itself, it makes loud clanking sounds that I can hear from my second floor and I have the unit on the first floor. I researched other fridges and seems like noise is always an issue so I guess this is a decent fridge if you can put up with the noise.

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