Apple iMac 27-inch - hands-on review

Apple’s new 27-inch iMac features a beautiful LED-backlit IPS display, which takes resolution beyond 1080p all the way up to 2650 x 1440. The next generation also introduces Intel’s high powered Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, and full-power desktop versions of ATI’s Radeon HD graphics cards. The option to add both a solid-state-drive and conventional magnetic drive can drastically improve boot-time and overall performance, while leaving a full terabyte or more for bulk storage. Click on the link below for the full written review:

25 thoughts on “Apple iMac 27-inch – hands-on review

  1. monkeylove2102 says:

    @1davelegg i just picked one up today, there better not be a new one coming out soon hahahaha. nah ummm a new model was already made this year , made to be widescreen and bigger.

  2. 1davelegg says:

    Does anyone know whether there will be a new iMac released in the near future? Considering buying one but dont want to if a new model is on its way soon. Is it still worth buying now?

  3. NATB100 says:

    Apple have always been about looks from the start, the Apple one: a wooden computer. They know a thing or two about style, when it comes to comfort… not so much, but their innovation makes up for that.

  4. DeJasperHD says:

    @SuperAshwin19 I’m 14 and I have one. Really worth the money, but you shouldn’t get too many processor upgrades etc. I have the cheapest 27 inch and it runs like a beast. The “professionals” thing also is bullcrap. The OS itself is really awesome, even for everyday use it’s worth it.

  5. SuperAshwin19 says:

    I am 15 at the moment and wondered if it is worth getting this computer considering my age. Many people tell me not to because it is meant for proffesionals, What do you think??

  6. FreeForAllGamerz says:

    @sairockr mine is a kingston 64gb v100. Its very fast with my amd bulldozer system (just ask if you want the speaks) and its can boot (excluding bios) from 12 to 20 seconds. They are around 50£ on most sites and are well worth it

  7. TrueDesireHD says:

    mine intel 80gb SSD boots my computer in 18sec, not too shabby 😀
    also total system cost was half of the basic imac…

    still gonna get a mac though lol

  8. rockerojuan says:

    My SSD using windows 7 64-bit boots in about 10 seconds after the BIOS checksum, so there, you happy? You need proof? Just let me know and I’ll upload you a video.

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