iMac Disassembly Guide Part 2

In the second part of this two part video, I show you how to remove the hard drive from your iMac. THIS MAY VOID YOUR WARRENTY (I’M NOT QUITE SURE)
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2011 Quad-Core iMac Gaming: Portal 2 Here’s a quick video showing off gaming on the new 2011 Quad-Core iMac. Specs: 27 Inch 3.4GHZ Core i7 AMD RADEON HD 6970M 1GB 4GB RAM 1TB 7200 RPM HDD Facetime HD Test: If you missed the unboxing: Stay update with us on Tumblr! Follow us on Twitter : Official TLD Newsletter: How can you not like us on Facebook? =P TLD Amazon Store! 2011 Quad-Core iMac Gaming: Portal 2 2011 Quad-Core iMac Gaming: Portal 2 2011 Quad-Core iMac Gaming: Portal 2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “iMac Disassembly Guide Part 2

  1. CTS1PHMST says:

    It’s kinda funny, you say you need more space, so your getting a 250 GB hard drive. Man, just 3 years ago, and so much has changed. Now 320GB is barely enough.

  2. ThePromenader says:

    Thanks a lot for your comprehensive instruction! I’m just in the midst of recuperating all the data I can from my next-to-dead drive, and your video will make the next step much easier. Thank you!

  3. AChurcHillBoyVision says:

    This is very helpful…I have the same iMAC…..two quick question whuts the biggest gig drive i can install..i want to put in a 500gig but if i can i’ll go for a 1t bit second question…what was the proper way you detached the thermal censor from the hard drive…did you just pull it up, pry it up…and how did you attach it pack to new drive…did you apply rubber cement first then apply censor or attached censor first then rubber cememnt on top…..Thanks Homie!!!

  4. chrisglynn77 says:

    Hi – excellent breakdown. However on opening my 20″ , 2006 intel imac , I appear to have a totally different layout – extra cable attached to lcd, and no lever to remove existing drive. Any advice or have you come across this before. Thanks.

  5. cbmtrx says:

    I love the web. Some kid in Scotland (OK, maybe just boring old England) does the dirty works and spreads the wisdom for the rest of us schlubs.

    Thanks for a very thorough DIYVM!

  6. pokeeto2 says:

    will use this video for reference. I’m going to take out the old 160GB HDD to put in a 500GB HD. Built PC’s in the past but never taken apart my iMac. A but nervous though.

    I just need to get the Torx bit set and the rubber cement for the temp sensor for the HDD.

  7. TheCrazyPULI says:

    Got my iMac maxed out and I like how portals works perfectly. 3,4ghz core i7 16gb ddr3 2gig radeon hd. Works very well but price was a little steep….

  8. NATB100 says:

    I’ve ordered up the exact same mac, only with 2GB of video memory. Will the extra 1GB make a noticeable difference in gaming? (I play games like CoD4 and Half Life 2)

  9. Rubr1k says:

    @h4x0y They are bad for gaming because for gaming you want the state of the art performance, which makes Mac a bad choice for the high prices. But as you say, if you can afford a good Mac they do run games well. (aside from upgradeability they’re good for gaems)

  10. booters4free says:

    lol i noticed there are no windows haters now! XD see macs are taking over!! all of the windows OS’s now that i look back have been shit. compared to a mac! and i used to think windows was heaven! man i was wrong! MAC are now taking the game world slowly, but most deff. i mean thumbs up if that shit was crisp clear and smooth…. another thumbs up if DELL’S alien ware is a shit can compared to this!

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