In the first part of this 2 part video, I show you how to take apart your Intel iMac and get to the main board and hard drive. This WILL void your warranty, so if something goes wrong with the machine and it’s still in coverage, take it in to an Apple Store or give AppleCare a call :-D.
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25 thoughts on “iMac Disassembly Part 1

  1. MACTECHca says:

    @healingtv ??? The comment was made that your not suposed to pull back on the front panel. He does a great job showing the steps but was just mentioning that your not suposed to pull back on the panel. Just because other videos showing pulling it off without properly pushing the metal fingers doesn’t make it right. As for my video what do you mean it shows nothing …. did you even watch it???

  2. Nemesis23213 says:

    Thanks for your 2 part videos… I just upgraded the hard drive on my 2005 iMacG5_iSight 20″. A little different than the one you should, but a lot closer to any of the other how to’s I found… THANKS!!

  3. yukiko86 says:

    what is the tool your using? I have the torx tip but all my screwdrivers are too thick in diameter to fit in the side of the imac ( to unscrew the torx screws for the monitor) Please Help!!!

  4. nandison100 says:

    G’Day from Australia, great video, helped me a lot, only thing is I knocked a cable free and now my wifi drops in and out, I think I connected one back in the right place which gave me 1-2 bars, but it still drops in and out. Do you reckon you could give me a hand? Cheers dude!

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