www.youtube.com An unboxing of a number of protective films from SGP, a couple screen protectors from RadTech, and the new Travel Express iPad and iPad 2 bag from Waterfield Designs.

Visit www.sportys.com for more information on using the iPad in the cockpit. The Apple iPad has been quickly adopted by pilots. This presentation will cover both beginner and advanced topics relating to the iPad. You’ll learn how student pilots can use it as a training tool, how aircraft owners can use it to stay organized, and how current pilots can use it for navigation, weather & charts. See how to properly preflight the iPad, along with helpful tips and tricks. Also covered are iPad accessories and cockpit mounting options. Webinar initially aired Thursday, December 1, 2011.
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22 thoughts on “Bunch of new iPad 2 Accessories from Radtech, SGP, Waterfield Designs (Unboxing)

  1. apracticekid says:

    Invisishield all the way. That sgp is such a scam. “oh get this one it’s a careen protector, or get this one it’s a screen and fingerprint protector!” ….lame

  2. Egbertriperkick says:

    @strawberrychewitgum, you can actually get an iPad 2 for Free, simply try to google for: freeipad2giveaway.info

    My 19 years old son just received one this morning, couldn’t beleive my eyes!!!!

  3. finickyweapon241258 says:

    This is unbelievable. Last week i got this link ipad2reward (dot) info from my friend. Normally i don’t believe any of this shit. Just participate in some kind of iPad2 Test program and get iPad2 for free. The word “Free” doesn’t really exist in this world. The day after i tried give my email their and joined the program. And you know what! A Brand New iPad2 is in my hand now. I can’t really believe this. And you don’t have to believe me. But 3 friends of mine even got that thing before me.

  4. SFBagsdotcom says:

    Thanks, Mike!
    Just a heads-up that the “divider” you point out on the WaterField case is for the iPad. (It has impact resistant plastic inserted to protect the iPad screen.) The “main compartment” is for stowing the Apple wireless keyboard.

    Thanks again for a great video!

  5. brettgoudy says:

    I already don’t like the waterfield, just because it doesn’t open all the way up… it was annoying to watch for a few minute video, and I can’t imagine owning and using it, looks built solid, and if they open it up it’d be nice

  6. comander402 says:

    hello friends is well agradesco The Apple iPad your invitation and your comments and explanation of these videos are the sensacinales am seeing and I congratulate them and will continue to monitor their videos’m ineresado thanks and a big hello ok.

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