After purchasing my iPad, I went on the search for some interesting accessories. After a bit of use, I realized two of these accessories were essential to any iPad user’s experience. Filmed and edited with an iPhone 4
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12 thoughts on “Essential iPad 2 Accessories

  1. thisstinks92 says:

    I would just get the wireless Bluetooth keyboard if in was you. You have the smart cover so why buy a stand with a built in keyboard that you can’t maneuver at all. Great vid all the same

  2. 1stoptechreviews says:

    the ipad keyboard dock is not designed for the ipad 2 and the cluster that it will sit in will be very wobbly and not a tight and secure fit as the original ipad of which it is designed for is alot thicker, but by all means if you still wan’t to buy one go ahead as they are still compatible technically

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