Here are a few of the first accessories I bought for the iPad… They are good products but the pricing still remains a bit unknown until we see more stuff coming out. You can check out all these products at the address below. Thanks for stopping by. Remember to comment, rate & subscribe. http
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In this video, I chat about recommended accessories for the Apple iPad. Consider this an informal “show & tell” that includes cases, bags, skins, a keyboard and stylus pen.

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  1. cardude1990 says:

    Two comments;

    1.) When referring to a “Dumbass” can you please include “Dumbarse” for our Canadian friends to the North.

    2.) With all that heavy breathing you kinda got me going here. Does that make me gay? Cuz nobody ever told me so. I’ll as the wife in the morning. lol

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  2. adriannyasia says:

    The only ipad accessory that I have is an A-case that I bought from Amazon for $20. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and it fits and handles perfectly. Happy IPADing!

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