iPad Slick Case from Acme Made (Review)

The Slick Case from Acme Made (.99 in black or white) is a water and stain resistant neoprene with a glossy finish. As the name suggests, the glossiness gives a bit of a slick feel sort of like vinyl. The case zips up with dual zippers and offers some padded protection for the iPad. The case opens like a book, and offers a second storage area for iPad accessories or odds and ends. MSPR .99 First Look: Acme Slick Case for iPad www.insanely-great.com www.acmemade.com Looking for more iPad accessories? Check out the iPad playlist: www.youtube.com

9 thoughts on “iPad Slick Case from Acme Made (Review)

  1. wwwinsanelygreatmac says:

    I had no issues with this case. I’m not going to slam someone for a design compromise. There are pros and cons to every choice and my job to show you so you can make up your mind on what’s important to you. Thanks for the comments.

  2. bakari45 says:

    Please don’t make a excuses for poor design. It’s better for you as a reviewer to be critical rather than timid about what you see wrong with a product. Seems like you’re hesitant to say what is poorly designed about a product.

  3. MrAJsTech says:

    great revew i bought the apple case already and its being shipped did u know it took like 3 weeks for it to start to ship from when i purchased it

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